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Komnata Cieni (Heroes VII)temat: Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer
komnata: Komnata Cieni (Heroes VII)
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Antalyan PW
17 lipca 2017, 18:11
Hello all,

It's been quite a long time since we announced our work on our fan expansion for H7, bringing brand new Xel faction including dozens of new creatures, new town and of course new story in a new world.

We can't forget to mention also some new game mechanics as dynamic weather system ATMOS influencing the combat or the Alchemy skill (a kind of crafting).

You can explore more on our brand new project website!


Available in Czech and English!

As mentioned before, you can join our Steam Group to catch the latest news: STEAM GROUP WPU

We're also still looking for new team members. Each effort is appreciated, you can help us with anything according to your possibilities.

Thanks Alamar for Polish version (below).

Alamar PW
17 lipca 2017, 19:06
Witam wszystkich

Minęło dużo czasu od naszej zapowiedzi fanowskiego dodatku do H7, wprowadzającego nową frakcję - Xel - i dodającego dziesiątki nowych stworzeń, nowe miasto i oczywiście nową opowieść z nowego świata.

Nie możemy też zapomnieć o nowych mechanizmach w grze, jak system zmiennej pogody ATMOS, wpływający na pole walki, czy o umiejętności Alchemii (de facto craftingu).

Więcej informacji znajdziecie na stronie internetowej naszego projektu:


Dostępna w języku czeskim i angielskim!

Możecie też dołączyć do naszej grupy na Steamie, by na bieżąco śledzić newsy:


Wciąż poszukujemy nowych członków do zespołu. Każda pomoc jest mile widziana. Możesz nam pomóc we wszystkim, w zależności od swoich umiejętności.

AmiDaDeer PW
18 lipca 2017, 11:13
If you're interested, I can compose a music for this new town you talked about. I've made several tracks for other mods, including H3 Forge and H7 Elemental Town.

Jeśli jesteś zainteresowany, mogę skomponować muzykę dla nowego miasta, o którym wspominałeś. Zrobiłem parę kawałków dla innych modów, włączając w to Forge w H3 i miasto żywiołaków w H7.

Forge, Elemental Town.

Antalyan PW
18 lipca 2017, 17:25

Thank you very much for your offer. At the moment, what is interesting for me the most is the fact you found a way to import custom sounds/music to H7, didn't you?!

This is one of the biggest problems we're dealing with and we even expected we wouldn't be able to do it at all, may I know how you managed to do that?

AmiDaDeer PW
18 lipca 2017, 18:21
I didn't. I just made the music. You should ask Kurek, he was the one who exported my music to H7.

Antalyan PW
19 lipca 2017, 17:28
OK never mind, I will send him a PM.

Antalyan PW
6 października 2017, 16:32
As we will (hopefully) finally reach the first BETA in the upcoming months, we have naturally also come to the question of localization: although the project is developed primarily in Czech language, we would like to have as many foreign versions as well, to enable even those people who are either not familiar with English or just prefer to play the game in their native language, to do that.

Thus, if you'd like to help us to translate the mod (and all the texts we will have in the future) to Polish (or any other language except for Russian), we will be pleased if you let us know.

The localization process works through the Crowdin platform, you can translate from either Czech or English.

Adolf_Egzekutor PW
9 stycznia 2018, 14:39
Any news?

Alamar PW
9 stycznia 2018, 18:19
Stan projektu WPU - 89%
Do zrobienia: (Xel siege map)

Antalyan PW
11 stycznia 2018, 19:01
We are slowly preparing our beta version coming this year.
However, keep in mind that the progress indicator reflects only the preparation phase of our project, which includes creating all the stuff and mechanics.

What is not involved is work on the maps.

lordgraa PW
12 stycznia 2018, 09:59
Hello all!

At the moment I (alone) am still copying all the assets from umap to upk and as I can do it only alone it is slow and tedious work. But once this is done we are ready for the beta to strike!

Until then have a nice day with the music of Heroes: Melodies of Might and Magic

Adolf_Egzekutor PW
1 marca 2018, 13:57
Please, just say when ;)

lordgraa PW
7 marca 2018, 09:48
"When" is very hard to estimate :) Every day a new bug/crash ... ehm, challenge appears :D

Right now I am working on new combat maps (because the new town siege map is still buggy):

lordgraa PW
11 marca 2018, 21:21
I reached a new milestone - the WPU package file is 2GB big! From now on the editor refuses to save my package so I had to create a new one in which I am now placing all the custom props for Atmos combat maps.

Speaking of combat maps, here is my last one: Haunted Graveyard!

Kurek PW
14 marca 2018, 00:27
Great! Are you planning to add these maps to your mod?

lordgraa PW
14 marca 2018, 09:59
Yes, those are the maps that will be used by the Atmos system (random weather generator): Blizzard, Sandstorm, Haunting Fog.

Three more maps will some soon.

Asderuki PW
14 marca 2018, 15:35
I really likethose maps, but do seem a little bit empty. Especially when camera moves at the begining of the fight. Just a bit more things happening in the background would be nice. Great job!

lordgraa PW
14 marca 2018, 16:30
Those maps are still WiP (work in progress) so they will be more "full" before packing up for final release.

lordgraa PW
16 marca 2018, 20:17
Fourth new combat map Sunken Temple:

Kurek PW
17 marca 2018, 11:26
The best one so far! Looks very nice, suits to the sunken temple from HV, which was a water creature bank with titans and water elementals. In this case, Shantiri Titans would suit better. I can make a map location based on the original model from HV, thats what I did with Elemental Stockpile.

Or maybe it could be the sunken temple from H6, like in Crag Hack's campaign. But then, the whole thing should be more chinese-medusa like.
strona: 1 - 2 - 3
temat: Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer

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