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Niebiańska Kuźnia  (WoG, HotA, VCMI)temat: [ERA/dodatek] The Succession Wars
komnata: Niebiańska Kuźnia (WoG, HotA, VCMI)
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Dark Dragon PW
18 września 2014, 07:59
Looks nice, but I was thinking that witch will be uglier :D.

Degraf PW
18 września 2014, 09:03
In non-Slavic folklore witches often don't look ugly :P

Orzie PW
18 września 2014, 09:19
True, and ugly Witches is something like an old cliche. Yet, there will be some ugly portraits as well, to keep the atmosphere.

Heroes 2 style is strongly based on the European folklore, so I guess everything's alright, especially if we look at the Knight faction which is clearly an English-German medieval hybrid.

Orzie PW
23 września 2014, 08:59
God damn the lack of anti-aliasing in Heroes 3 fonts... one more case when HoMM2 is stronger.

Orzie PW
17 października 2014, 13:17
Missed the good old Lord Haart? Who else thinks that the brutal manly H1 Haart is better than the H3 RoE sissy boy, fist up!

Dark Dragon PW
17 października 2014, 13:28
Box with info is too long, beside that Haart is looking very good ;).

Orzie PW
17 października 2014, 13:29
The message window is in works. This is caused by the large size of the resource image box.

Orzie PW
24 października 2014, 05:15
Some Heroes 2 creatures were created in a typical heraldic style: the Dragon, the Phoenix, the Griffin.
The Dragon's younger relative, namely the Wyvern, can also become native to Heroes 2 style and concept due to its great and well-known mythological background.

Andruids PW
24 października 2014, 07:47
This is great! What a sweet, sweet looking wyvern.

Degraf PW
24 października 2014, 15:30
What will be replaced by Wyvern? How now will look like army of witches?

Orzie PW
24 października 2014, 16:25
The actual Witch lineup is being discussed on the official DF2 forum branch. There are several options for 5th, 6th and 7th levels.

I hope we will be able to make a proper decision when we will finish other concepts in a pre-final form, like we did with this Wyvern. Honestly, the older version of the Wyvern had much less chances to be in the mod, but this one looks much more optimistic.

Darkem PW
24 października 2014, 16:40
Orzie! It's the first wivern in HoMM history that I actually like! Awesome work! I just can't wait to see complete lineup of the witch town. Is beholder still there? And a giant spider? Did you think about a venom spawn?

Good luck!

Orzie PW
25 października 2014, 05:37
The beholder is likely to appear in the Warlock's castle, because it's canonic (still, Agar is their creator). I am working on its new look, and I think Might and Magic VI can serve as an acceptable basis for it.

The giant spider was an option once, but then we created this Scorpion for the Gipsy castle and I think the Spider would be too similar with it.

There are several other concepts which attend the Witch lineup though.

Degraf PW
2 listopada 2014, 16:31
Mod-makers again forgot about us.
New screen for the city of gypsies (down, if anyone not could guess).

Although unfinished, but we can see part concept.

To me, it looks very nice.

Fandor PW
6 listopada 2014, 14:02
Bardzo przepraszam, ale nie mam zdolności by pisać w języku angielskim. Czy jest już ustalony line-up cytadeli i desert town? Patrząc na nowy ekran, skorpiona, mam coraz bliższe skojarzenia z Oasis, stąd może ciekawie gdyby w jakiś sposób oba projekty się pokryły?

Hayven PW
6 listopada 2014, 15:05
Oh, I wanted to post something and forgot :) Great Wyvern, fantastic Scorpion. Keep it up! If there's a mod for H3 I'd ever like to play then it's definetely your TSW :)

Degraf PW
6 listopada 2014, 15:46
fandor510 - to jest miasto cyganów, a nie miasto pustynne :P Co zaś lineupu, no to to jest stary ale jaki będzie w wersji teraz przygotowanej, to jeszcze nie wiemy.

Morglin PW
6 listopada 2014, 15:52
Duchy w mieście to zdecydowanie zły pomysł...

Degraf PW
6 listopada 2014, 16:31
@up - domyślnie duchy w tym modzie nie mają skillu z H1/H2. Nie nadawały też kary do morale żywych z powodu bycia nieumarłym (w armii żywych).

Orzie PW
10 listopada 2014, 09:01
There will be no ghosts in the Gipsy castle. And no, it can be also named the Desert castle :)

The actual lineup of the Gipsy castle will be presented later. But there are two new creatures I've posted here before:

Concerning that "townscreen" - we didn't forget about you, it's just not an official update. We are currently working on the townscreen, and will probably provide an update closer to the real state of the project in future.
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temat: [ERA/dodatek] The Succession Wars

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