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Jarmark Cudówtemat: Redesign Sylwanu od Trolldaerona
komnata: Jarmark Cudów

Trolldaeron PW
15 sierpnia, 23:43
Ostatnio miałem ochotę na odrobinę koncept artów, więc wymyśliłem sobie następujący temat projektu, "co gdyby Sylwan był w Heroes 6".

Nie jestem specjalistą od game designu więc skupiłem się głównie na wyglądzie jednostek, ale dodałem parę opisów jednostek, zaczerpniętych z różnych części Heroes i Kompendium Ashanu. Niestety mam je po angielsku, bo robiłem to dla większej publiczności, ale nie sądzę, żeby to przeszkadzało.


[u]Might Heroes:[/u]
(dodam później)

[u]Magic Heroes:[/u]

Druid Elders have mastered the magic of the elements and have access to the secret knowledge kept within their caste. These powerful priests of Sylanna serve as pillars of Elven society and spirituality. In times of war, they guide elves, aswell as the forest itself, to defend Irollan.

When holy forests of Irollan are desecrated by profane invaders, Sylanna calls Wrath Heralds to bring justice and cleanse her land from anyone who cannot respect nature. Every tree becomes a deadly threat to anyone who stands against these merciless druids.

While all druids love nature, the deepest love towards all forms of life feel the Preservers. They are not only followers of Sylanna but also disciples of Asha, the mother of all life. On the battlefield, they can call the mighty Phoenix.

[u]Core Units:[/u]

In times of peace, the Hunters supply the Elven communities with food, and they are respected for their skills and prowess. Wandering Irollan, they live in harmony with Nature and its unwritten laws. They will never kill a living being without purpose. In times of war, however, they have no compunction about using their talents to strike down enemies from afar.

Huntmasters are dedicated to the defense of the woodland realms and rise to protect them from any invader. Their enchanted bows allow them to shoot two targets before the enemy even knows they're there.

A is a spirit of nature born among flowers or leaves. The type of plant will determine the aspect, personality and powers of the Pixie. Pixies manifest as miniature, childish humanoids, no more than one foot in size. Elves enjoy the company of Pixies, and druids in particular are often attended by several of these puckish creatures.

Sprites have oddly coloured skin, hair and eyes, and they sport wings that look like a firefly’s but are in fact leaves or petals from their associated plant. These wings allow them to fly with great velocity and skill. In combat, Sprites can also spread “Pixie Dust”, a form of pollen that causes the enemy to itch, sneeze and cough, preventing him from retaliating.

Human eye cannot distinguish a root snake from a fallen branch or a vine hanging from a tree. Only after the victim gets into snake's range, it comes to life. It leaps at its prey with incredible speed to grab it with its teeth and entangle it until it loses its breath. Elven Rootweavers learned how to charm them to serve them as pets or loyal protectors.

Druids who dedicated their lifes to mastering their connection with root snakes gain a noble title of Thornweaver. Unlike younger druids, they tame far less obedient and much more dangerous specimens that are covered in poisonous thorns.

[u]Elite Units:[/u]

The Wyverns are descendants of flying lizards whose bodies were mutated by Dragon blood during the wars of the Mythic Age. Though Wyverns are smaller than Dragons, they are still rather impressive animals. They have large, bat-like wings, and their body is covered with reptilian scales. The Forest Wyverns found in forests of Irollan are attuned to Earth magic, and possess regenerative abilities.

In the deepest heart of Irollan, due to magic of holy tree of Brythigga, some wyverns mutate further. Because of their golden scales, elves call them Royal Wyverns. Their connection to the element of earth granted them an ability to spit acid that can corrode even hardest armour.

Treants are rare and exceptional forest spirits that appear as large, walking trees. Living embodiments of the force of Nature and growth, they are the protectors and shepherds of all trees, plants and flowers. Their roots grow long and deep, through even the hardest rock.

The life of a Treant can span hundreds, even thousands, of years. Over centuries roots of Mother Treants have grown even longer and harder and their bodies became covered by toxic mushrooms, which poison both bodies and minds of all enemies of the forest.

The Unicorns are spirits of nature, and as such they are sacred to the Elves. They are considered as a totem animal for the whole of Irollan, and it is said that when the last Unicorn will die so will the Elven kingdom and all its people. While the truth of this legend is not known, the Unicorns' shimmering auras do have the ability to shield their allies from hostile spells.

Powerful allies of the Elves, the Ancient Unicorns appear from the heart of the woods to drive away any invaders. Their emerald aura protects friendly troops from enemy magic and their gleaming horns can emit flashes of verdant light that can temporarily petrify the enemy.

Mountain Spirits generally take the form of an animated mineral creature, as though rocks themselves pulled together to form a strange amalgam. These spirits are sometimes found rising up from the heart of Elven cities as they pay tribute to Sylanna, and sometimes accompany the Elves to war. The strongest of their kind can produce earthquakes powerful enough to damage even the most solid buildings and walls.

Mountain Giants are the most ancient of earth spirits. They have grown of emeralds - the most holy minerals of Sylanna's realm. Only the greatest champions of Irollan are able to convince these titans to fight for them but when they finally come to battle, no weapon nor wall nor spell can stop them.

Na razie to wszystko. Prawdopodobnie później dodam ekran miasta albo wyrenderuję te koncepty, żeby wyglądały lepiej, może nawet tak dobrze jak te z Shades of Darkness. Jeśli będę miał naprawdę dobry humor, mogę nawet pomyśleć o ikonkach zdolności, ale to wymagałoby pewnych pomysłów na rozgrywkę.

Kastore PW
16 sierpnia, 00:20

Trolldaeron PW
16 sierpnia, 21:01
Dziękuję. Pora na bohaterów mocy.

Rangers are the keepers of Irollan, Sylanna's chosen warriors. They are experts with the bow and the sword, wise in the ways of the forest, and able to commune with the beasts of the wild and the spirits of nature. They serve as warmasters, leaders and diplomats.

No atrocity commited against the land goes unpunished. Avengers are rangers who swore oath of vengeance against everyone who had stained their hands with blood of denizens of Irollan. They will not return to their glades until the blood of all enemies of Sylanna returns to the ground.

While other rangers command their armies to protect elven land or fight for vengeance outside of Irollan, Wardens defend those, who cannot defend themselves. They escort the young and the wounded, aswell as countless helpless animals to safety to ensure the future of Irollan and Ashan.
temat: Redesign Sylwanu od Trolldaerona

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