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Komnata Cieni (Heroes VII)temat: Heroes of Might and Magic 7,5 SVP
komnata: Komnata Cieni (Heroes VII)

Joker222 PW
5 października, 11:33
Hello guys i take the oportunity to let here some info about the biggest project in entire Heroes games.
The project is in development for 8 months allready,we have added Inferno Faction and a hole new Faction Tower similar to Heroes 3 Tower Faction and i got a Say it's just Amazing 😍.
Also we added for every Faction one strong extra elite and one extra champion witch in normal are stronger then the normal champion and elite from the town,You can have them by sacriface the respective core strong and elite strong from the town after you build the respective Buildings.
What is also new innthe game a hole new dificulty AI wich is very challenge and powerful also improving garrisons, neutral towns and Forts with more army, neutral buildings like caves for rewards or dwarven tresury also got improvments for more army Dragon utopia also new dificulty.
The RMG of the game was revisited and it was Improved now it's much better.
For the moment we are working on new models to replace some low quality models that was in the game and then we are planning a new Faction Sanctuary!!
Here is the Patreon Page for the mod the people how like the project and wanna support,also i let Discord Channel we are allready 250 people how are fallowing the project!

Joker222 PW
5 października, 11:51
New Archdevil model will be in the next update from Friday

Angel of Death New model extra champion Necropolis!!

New Tower Faction extra elite

Joker222 PW
6 października, 11:24
update 1.8:

Added new skin for devil and devil arch

Fixed skin for Abyssal Worm

Bug fix:

Abyss Shield: fixed

Lillime attack: fix

Haven rider can now evolve correctly towards archangel

Hero Hades Raska Image Correction

added hero image for Khalida and Solmyr

Fixed Devil Skills: Now correctly inflicts damage on any unit around him.

Now correctly places burning on a critical hit.

Correction of the localization for extra building elite hades

localization correction for archi devil competence

Update is in Discord Channel allready and hommdb!!

Górski Krasnolud PW
7 października, 00:18
Hi. :) At first, I want congratulation for all of Heroes 7.5 Team. :) Added Inferno and Tower to game is the great progress for Heroes VII modding scene. Soon I want join on the Patreon, and support the project as I can.

I only want give one proposition. :) Units in Tower is really really cool, but (for me of course) exepct one. Frost Rider is bad-looking copy of Sun Rider from Heroes VI. Is not the better idea, to replace Frost Rider, and add to the faction Snow Wolf, from Disciples 3? They could be attack enemies "ice breath" or something like that, not hang. :)

I thing this idea have many good sides, because:

- Tower have a lot "humanity" units
- It's one more beast in faction
- That unit can be "return" known from Heroes V. The "fire breath" Hellhounds, but in cold version. :)

Joker222 PW
12 października, 10:44
NOTE update 1.9:

Added new skin for:

Champions extra bastion (old is berseker)

Extra necropolis champion

Elite mighty hades

Elite Mighty Frost

Elite Mighty Academy

Visual correction:

Fallen Angel hades: modified particle effects
Pit Lord: modified particle effects
Added visual critical strike distance

Hells dog added critical strike visual

Now Sarah the hero no longer plays the wave of flame with each spell etc.

Accelerated Jedusor hero enabled animation for spellcasting

Modification of ability:

Polar Bears, can no longer cast his ability from a distance, only in contact, now targets all enemies around him.

Ability of Abyssal worms was considered poison, and inflict no damage on undead. Now he also inflicted on the undead.

Lilime still inflicts no damage .... this time it's fixing.

Reduced particle effects for t6 tower creature and hero using skin

(name corrections for new creatures will come later)

Added new water spell:

Frost Lance: Inflicted damage in a 3 square line and has a 30% chance to freeze. Evolves with master level ability Water: 60% chance to freeze.

Healing Freeze: The target creature suffers slight damage and can no longer receive heals or heal itself, the number of turns and defined by magic power: minimum 1 turn / max 5 turns.

Frost Armor:
The target creature gains + X defense, freezes the creature that attacks it. Evolves with the magic rank of water master: zone of 4 × 4

Update avaiable on hommdb and Discord Channel
temat: Heroes of Might and Magic 7,5 SVP

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