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Niebiańska Kuźnia  (WoG, HotA, VCMI)temat: [VCMI projekt] Ruins
komnata: Niebiańska Kuźnia (WoG, HotA, VCMI)
strona: 1 - 2 - 3

Lord Hawk PW
17 września 2018, 18:06

I noticed the thread with the names, but unfortunately on HC I have a problem with logging in, but it goes in a good direction, as if I have something interesting with names, I will also propose.

&fiorin PW
19 września 2018, 21:53
Updated the version:

1.0b to 1.1 (waiting for daily build release)
> Heroes
- Added custom battle sprites for each hero
- All Portraits rework
- All Biography added
- All Abilities and specialty reworked
> Creatures
- Kelpie sprites & animations reworked
- Cockatrice abilities reworked
- Kelpie abilities reworked
- Peryton abilities reworked
- Attributes reworked
> Lineup
- Kelpie changed from lvl4 to lvl6
- Witch changed from lvl5 to lvl4
- Peryton changed from lvl6 to lvl5

Now gonna rework Witch model, heroes in battle and maybe castle in adventure map.

&fiorin PW
2 października 2018, 22:23
Current graphical updates:

Witch >> Priestess

(Already rendered & animated on v1.2)

Peryton >> Grand Peryton

(Already rigged, but not animated - ongoing)

AmiDaDeer PW
3 października 2018, 11:11
I hope you will do something with the wings, because right now, with such pose, they look ridiculous and I can't honestly tell what's wrong with the model. :P

&fiorin PW
3 października 2018, 15:46
Thats pose is because i was rigging the model. Set straight members to make bones and joints. I dont worked on poses or animations for peryton yet.

Thats why:


strona: 1 - 2 - 3
temat: [VCMI projekt] Ruins

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