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Niebiańska Kuźnia  (WoG, HotA, VCMI)temat: [VCMI projekt] Ruins
komnata: Niebiańska Kuźnia (WoG, HotA, VCMI)
strona: 1 - 2 - 3

Mistrz PW
7 września 2018, 12:15
New Kelpie is creepy as fuck! I love it. Is it gona move like horse, or is it going to fly?

Trith PW
7 września 2018, 12:39
I don't like the stomach hole either, also the newest head looks silly for me for some reason, personally would revert to any of the previous.

Hobbicus PW
7 września 2018, 13:42
Fangs are an original idea that would definitely make it stand out more from other stallions, why removing them?

Mistrz PW
7 września 2018, 14:32
I`m not the fan of fangs on the horse. I do like this rotten grim look, like evil undead spirit of drowned horse. It does fit ruins theme, with damaged things, but does it fit other creatures? I`d rethink line up if I were you. It does feel abit random.

Kastore PW
7 września 2018, 21:37
Kelpie can't look like undead, you have to remove the hole in the stomach or it wouldn't fit the rest of the game. Also what is the theme of this fraction?

&fiorin PW
8 września 2018, 02:03
Already removed the hole. Finishing the animations now. Preparing release new patch

Animation previews:

Dont mind on .gif quality. The format make a poor preview on model

Nephretes PW
10 września 2018, 08:44
Hi Fiorin,

Just quick suggestion, there is a shadow on rear leg which is too much. It may also cause problems during rendering.

Go to Shadow Section in Material Panel and unclick "receive" on a material of rear legs.

Another thing is a color, it's a bit too gray-ish and lack contrast. I don't know which is the latest version, but I am talking about the one you posted here. "New" one from the post is much better.

I also agree with Trith that new head is not necessarily an improvement.

&fiorin PW
10 września 2018, 22:36
Hi @Nephretes,

Be welcome here. I fixed the shadow and changed a little bit the color and contrast. Gonna do a few more tests.

About the head,i brought some versions for you guys help me...

What the best way to go ?

Andruids PW
11 września 2018, 00:00
Czy któreś z tych się komuś podobają?
(Are any of these good?)

1. rząd (1st row:)
1 - oryginał
2 - bledsze ciało, mniejsze nasycenie, cała grzywa ma zielonkawą paletę.
3 - to samo ciało, grzywa ma zgniło-zielonkawą paletę.

2. rząd to to samo, tylko bez oczu.

1st row:
1 - original
2 - paler body, less saturation, whole mane has one palette of greenish hues.
3 - same body, the mane has a palette of olive hues

2nd row is the same, but without eyes.

Trith PW
11 września 2018, 00:25
I don't like any of the new heads, they seem too large and kinda silly.
I think it would look better if you'd make muzzle just a bit thinner/scale head down a bit and tilt neck back (tilt of head itself is good) so head wouldn't stick out forward that much.

Fangs were a nice addition too. I think this unit could also use a bit more aggressive expression, notice how most beasts in game have angry stare rather than eyes round and wide open.

&fiorin PW
11 września 2018, 01:16
For now, im gonna stay that way:

Thanks for all ideas

Warmonger PW
11 września 2018, 19:59
Yeah that's pretty good, can stay.

Belegor PW
11 września 2018, 21:57
It's perfect.

Mistrz PW
14 września 2018, 10:04
Good looking horse, very Homm3. Could you tell me what`s the main theme of the line up?

&fiorin PW
14 września 2018, 18:32
Finished Kelpie re-texturing and animations:

Gonna update the patch on weekend for the new daily build.

Obs: The title on creature is mistaken


@Mistrz the theme s based on celtic/scotland/english myth on lineup middle: Peryton, Kelpie, cockatrice & Witch. The other ones are from the "isolated region, abandoned tribes" idea. The strongest is based on 'castle'.

Im gonna need some names changes, but just thinking about that for now

Hobbicus PW
14 września 2018, 19:59
Not upgraded one looks to similar to a regular horse, or to a Unicorn, for that matter. I suggest that you should redesign it so that it would stand out more.

Andruids PW
14 września 2018, 20:00
Maybe make it blue? I think it would suffice.

&fiorin PW
17 września 2018, 05:36
Thats my current approach. Something more textured with water style. More artistic and bluish

Lord Hawk PW
17 września 2018, 17:48

When it comes to the new Kelpie model, it's probably the best combination, now it is not associated with Unicorn or anything else, the color is not exaggerated and is associated with water, at the same time differentiating the basis from improvement.
In short, good work.

I also wanted to add 1 LVL, I saw suggestions for new abilities, and it seems to me that Fearless (Can not be affect by fearless) and
Sorrow Immunity are enough for improvement, and for the basics, only 1 of these abilities [maybe more Fearless]
it's still a lot for 1 lvl unit, and Unlimited Retaliations makes them too OP for such a unit.

&fiorin PW
17 września 2018, 18:02
@Lord Hawk

Im happy with the current Kelpie too.

I agree about retaliations. Next thing gonna fix textures on Witch and work on names replacements.
strona: 1 - 2 - 3
temat: [VCMI projekt] Ruins

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