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Niebiańska Kuźnia  (WoG, HotA, VCMI)temat: [VCMI projekt] Ruins
komnata: Niebiańska Kuźnia (WoG, HotA, VCMI)
strona: 1 - 2 - 3

&fiorin PW
21 lipca 2018, 20:13


Download 1.1 from [u]2018/09/19[/u]
[u]Working on build 57b687a from 2018/10/16[/u]
Google drive link


Download 0.98 Stable
[u]Working on VCMI 0.99 Stable[/u]
Google drive link



1.0b to 1.1 (waiting for daily build release)
> Heroes
- Added custom battle sprites for each hero
- All Portraits rework
- All Biography added
- All Abilities and specialty reworked
> Creatures
- Kelpie sprites & animations reworked
- Cockatrice abilities reworked
- Kelpie abilities reworked
- Peryton abilities reworked
- Attributes reworked
> Lineup
- Kelpie changed from lvl4 to lvl6
- Witch changed from lvl5 to lvl4
- Peryton changed from lvl6 to lvl5


Concept lvl1 - Pygmy
Concept lvl2 - Stalker
Concept lvl3 - Cockatrice
Concept lvl4 - Kelpie
Concept lvl5 - Sorceress
Concept lvl6 - Peryton

Next Goals
- Rework witch/priestess model & textures
- Improving textures and models in town screen
- Castle on map improv

On development ?
- Adventure heroes defs progress: 2/16

Know Issues
- Heroes in battle graphical bugs
- Castle map object poor quality
- Creatures blinking pixels.. need fix pallete
- Horde buildings not have different graphics
- Needs a new puzzle
! Something more ? Tell me, please


[u]Currrent[/u] Creatures:

Lvl1: Pygmy >> Veteran Pygmy
Lvl2: Stalker >> Tracker
Lvl3: Cockatrice >> Herald Cockatrice
Lvl4: River Spirit >> Kelpie
Lvl5: Witch >> Priestess
Lvl6: Peryton >> Grand Peryton
Lvl7: Living Ruins >> Ruins Guardian



Any question? Feel free to ask :D


Kammer PW
21 lipca 2018, 20:46
Hello, Fiorin, glad to see you here.

I like your city, to be honest, I have been regularrl checking if something new is out.

Keep doing your job, IMO it's truly worthy waiting.

And, also, don't hesitate to write in English - this shouldn't be a problem for us, for sure. ;)

AmiDaDeer PW
21 lipca 2018, 21:11
All of the graphics, apart from the Hermitess, would need some work. Though they look professionally made, they don't fit the Heroes 3 style. I am sure 3D models could be rendered with proper colors, lightning and sharpness, but the heroes' portraits would need a complete rework, maybe even from scratch.

Also, since I am not able to download the mod right now... Do you have any kind of musician on your board? Original music seems to be fitting the amount of work you have done...

Kurek PW
22 lipca 2018, 02:05
Looks nice, keep up the good work.

&fiorin PW
27 lipca 2018, 23:28

I understand your concerns about the graphical details. Im gonna redo all the portraits on future. About Creatures, after 1.0 release, planning rework all animations and render lights to make a better impression.

I have not a musician, but i like very much the soundtrack choosen. If you have a chance, take a minute to hear.


Thanks guys for the feedback. Im working a lot on the improvements.

&fiorin PW
8 sierpnia 2018, 16:07
After 1.0 alpha release, theres some graphical improves for next update:

James_Dean PW
9 sierpnia 2018, 09:34
Keep doin' it, looks great! any support for ERA II?

Dren PW
9 sierpnia 2018, 14:53
Woah, it looks great, but this town screen looks like it's made from plasticine? I mean it presents amazing, however it isn't Heroes III Style.

Eggyslav PW
9 sierpnia 2018, 19:03
Nice job mate, but I have a question, what is the general theme of the town? I see some Celtic influences in the town screen, but what about the units? I mean, that's not a bad thing, Tower lineup also is a potpourri of many different mythological creatures, but Heroes factions generally are more or less based on one theme or Idea. And your idea is?

&fiorin PW
24 sierpnia 2018, 20:02
Long days im away from the topic, but bringing news. Last weeks i've been working on Hero Battle sprites.

At first i was gonna do A male/female might class, the a male/female magic class for Ruins... but.. no more

I submited for vcmi code a feature allowing each hero has a unique sprite and is working... so Gonna show my idea with 2 spoilers.

Thats how gonna be the Ruins Heroes:

Im polishing the portraits and doin the .defs for each from the 16 heroes.

Kurek PW
25 sierpnia 2018, 11:12
This mod is very cool looking now, keep up good work.

&fiorin PW
4 września 2018, 07:11
100% done battle defs!

I proudly show you guys the Ruins Heroes!

This week i prepare the patch with this next update

Lord Hawk PW
4 września 2018, 19:20
At the beginning I wanted to say that the new city is a good job Fiorin, one of the 4 best new ones.
It tests them from version 1 and you can see progress, but there are some technical failures and some lack of ideas for the ability of some units.

So first, errors that are still from version 1.0a [1 will be omitted because it has been fixed in 1.0b]:
The horde building was set for lvl 1.
- in the file "faction" should be 0 instead of 1 [because 1 is already 2 lvl].
- 1 lvl statistic unit "horda" change 6 out of 9, otherwise I give +6 even though it is written 9.
Units 5 of the lvl have mixed up statistics [rather erroneously] because they cost the same and the unimproved has more damage, a quick proposition:
- unenrolled reduce the number of shots from 24 to 12 and damage as improved, that is 8-11
- an improved price change for e.g. 630 gold [like a spider in previous versions].

Now some suggestions for more fitting abilities and / or more associated with units:
3 lvl, Cockatrice in many stories, and even through the translator himself, is depicted as Basilisk and has similar abilities, so he can also give him a stone, then 4 lvl strong infantry, 4 lvl medium shooter and 3 lvl flyer will have this lover but, for example, unimproved 5%, improved 10% only.
4 lvl,
- unimproved reduce spd from 8 to 7, add 5HP to it, from 25 to 30 and add regeneration just like upgrade
- improved atk from 9 to 8, dmg from 6 to 5, and add ice bolt as ability [in the same way as Trunderbird's ligting bolts, but weaker].
6 lvl,
- unimproved instead of charge and protection against spells, give strike and return [like Harpia]
- improved the same + something like quilting, eg frenzy for movement [I know it can not be done] or here it just charges as 2 ability.

I suggest also to consider changing the places of units, namely 5 lvl Sorceress per 4, Perytony on 5, and "horses" on 6 [like Unicorns and others of this type], because they fit both reading about these units from stories, and visually the models are like this done Kelpie looks more massively than Peryton].
I will also add that in version 1.0b, unfortunately, Kelpie, Peryton and Cockatrice look worse than in 1.0a, that's why I compare this version, the point is that
- Cockatrice has a "rash"
- Kelpie and Peryton have animation frames in which they "pump" not naturally, which was not in previous models, but on plus 1 level and 7 lvl after changes.

At the end of screaming video from the game after these changes [only Cockatrice is unmapped death stare] in action.

&fiorin PW
4 września 2018, 22:11
@Lord Hawk

Really thanks for your input and feedback.

I agree with your suggestions and im gonna do all as i can. Already changed the lineup. Pygmy > Stalker > Cockatrice > Witch > Peryton > Kelpie > Ruins

Cockatrice has now 'stonegaze' with 5% and 10%.
Witch has 'mirror magic and shooter'.. upgraded one has cast 'curse'.
Peryton have added 'return after strike' and upgraded has 'jousting' too.
Added as kelpie passive on attack 'slow' lvl3 with 50% chance.

Im gonna rework all attributes looking on another castles, but i return for new inputs.

Horde i dont knew about counting from array index, i thought was position. Fixed.

Im working on some improves on town look and finishing heroes map custom sprites. Battle already finished.

About creatures sprites, today i re-rendered stalker/tracker to fix some color and size troubles. Gonna make the rash on cockatrice smoothier too.

About animations on peryton and kelpie. I tried make they more compact on hex. The animations with four legs, argh... too dificult yet. Im thinking in remaking from scratch the Kelpie model. The peryton for now, i like.

Im waiting new daily build do release a patch. So i includes all this modifications too. Cya

Lord Hawk PW
4 września 2018, 23:15

Well, it's good to hear that everything goes to a better one, especially that it is already climatic and interesting. Therefore, keep your fingers crossed for the next changes, especially since the unique heroes are a very original idea and of course I'm waiting for the next version, good luck.

&fiorin PW
6 września 2018, 08:53
Kelpie remade as lvl6 on new lineup. Mesh reworked, new bones.. now gonna work on animations

Lord Hawk PW
6 września 2018, 22:33
Very nice this model, but will the new design make you able to be undead or unchanged?

&fiorin PW
6 września 2018, 23:11
Time ago i thought about that. Kelpie is a spirit, so maybe can say its a undead one, but the problem is all undead affects another creatures with morale -1. For me Kelpie is a non-living as a gargoyle. Immune to mind spells or control spells, and not affected by morale like undead. It just dont have the undead attribute.

The hole on stomach is possible to remove, but i liked the idea

Im intend change his attacks for some more "magical"... like a stare light

Kammer PW
6 września 2018, 23:35
You know - currently kelpie looks like something rotten, drowned deep into lake. How about adding some blue-ish mist around lower part of body - it would deepen impression that kelpie is a natural spirit, not undead spirit.

&fiorin PW
6 września 2018, 23:54
@Kammer make sense.. gona try
strona: 1 - 2 - 3
temat: [VCMI projekt] Ruins

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