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Komnata Cieni (Heroes VII)temat: [mod] Unofficial Community Mod
komnata: Komnata Cieni (Heroes VII)
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Antalyan PW
18 kwietnia 2019, 20:29
Polish version of the mod is currently unavailable (only version 1.0 which is not updated).

I would appreciate anyone to help me with that since I don't speak Polish (it is only work with text files, nothing complicated).

As for the Justicars, their ability is still broken (this ability is a nightmare!), I'm working on a hotfix despite lack of time.

Antalyan PW
19 kwietnia 2019, 20:25
UCP Hotfix is finally available.

Please test it and report any bugs you find, thus you will help with this mod's development (bugs we're not aware of cannot be fixed).

Antalyan PW
23 lipca 2019, 15:34
Thanks to Andruids, Polish localization for 1.1 is now available as well!

Antalyan PW
22 września 2019, 20:52
An important 2019 update of the largest bug fixing and game improving patch is a must-have for each Heroes 7 player! English localization already included.


Antalyan PW
17 maja 2020, 21:39
I'm still looking for someone who could update the Polish translation for 1.2 version ;)

Detailed guide available on

Etharil PW
26 lipca 2020, 19:45
Hey Antalyan, has there been any update regarding 1.3?

Antalyan PW
10 sierpnia 2020, 14:45
There's currently an internal build (1.21) different from the released version (with some additional fixes). However, no major changes have been implemented (yet?).
strona: 1 - 2
temat: [mod] Unofficial Community Mod

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