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Komnata Cieni (Heroes VII)temat: [mod] Unofficial Community Mod
komnata: Komnata Cieni (Heroes VII)
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Antalyan PW
27 marca 2018, 18:56

Unoffical Community Mod (UCP) is a community modification for Might & Magic: Heroes VII and its expansion Trial by Fire. Since the game development ended in 2016 and no more official updates can be be thus expected, it's just up to this game's loyal fans to fix the remaining bugs and make Heroes VII great again. And so the largest bugfixing patch for this game was born...

Important Mod Information & Installation Instructions: read here

Download Version 1.1 here

List of changes 1.1 here

You can enjoy the improved game experience with hundreds of community bugfixes plus optional brand new abilities for creatures and gameplay enhancements.

This modification is a must-have for every H7 player!

Darth Ponda PW
27 marca 2018, 20:05
I'm glad to see some people still try to improve the game. Well done!
Does the mod include anything except bug fixing and small improvements, which don't change mechanics at all?

Antalyan PW
28 marca 2018, 16:12
@Dark Ponda
Nothing except for the changes mentioned in description. Maybe only the new heroes for duels should be highlighted as bigger improvements :)
However, further updates are planned including some new abilities for units (which will be partially optional).

Pointer PW
28 marca 2018, 18:19
Is this mod compatible with other bugfixing mods available to download?

Antalyan PW
29 marca 2018, 17:26
Which "other" bug fixing mods do you mean? This is the largest and most complex bug fixing modification and many other minor bug fixing mods are included.

Pointer PW
30 marca 2018, 16:06
I have most mods from this site installed. I want to install also new AC Mod when it is released.

Antalyan PW
31 marca 2018, 16:09
Balance Mod by Romansen and 2.21 Bugfix Mod by kknd21q are already included, as well as New Duel Heroes by Libertad.

Townscreen or Scaling Mods should not make any difference, so I guess they could be compatible.

This mod can never be compatible with H7 Improved byMoritzbradtke since it changes similar files and its changelog and mod description are so chaotic that it's almost impossible to create a combined version.

As soon as the Alternative Creatures Mod is once released, I will look for possibilities how to make these two mods compatible (as mentioned above).

Antalyan PW
24 kwietnia 2018, 17:45
Hi all,

as you might have noticed, my modification for H7, Unofficial Community Patch , is despite its December 1.0 release still in development. My most topical aims are (besides further bugfixes) creating New Units Abilities (see more details here ) and adding Scenario heroes to the Skirmish pool.

However, you might have also noticed that the development hasn't moved forward in the last months much and unless anything major changes, I won't have much time to work on this mod in the upcoming ones either. That's why I'm looking for help, for several people (in an ideal case) who would help me in the mod development as testers of the newest updates and mod versions, discuss changes and problems etc. No work with the H7 Editor is needed from you, I just need devoted players to help me to test under various circumstances whether the new abilities and bugfixes work as intended. (Limbic had a professional team and paid testers, still you know how bugged the abilities were. You can't expect me to be able to do all their work myself :))
It's not as easy as it may sound; when anything does not work, I need these people to help me find out when and why it happens. That often needs many tests which are time-consuming.

If you're interested, let me know below or send me a PM. The communication between the testers and me would probably work via a closed project board with no public access (probably, the testers would not be allowed to share any mod parts before they are officially released. Thanks in advance!

Antalyan PW
8 września 2018, 15:41
Do you still play the latest Heroes game (at least from time to time)? Have you ever wanted to try Heroes 7 but you gave it up because of hundreds of annoying bugs? Would you like to see H7 improved?

If you answer "yes" to any of the questions above, you might have already heard about the Unofficial Community Patch (UCP), the largest bugfixing patch for Might & Magic: Heroes 7 , released in December 2017.

This time, it returns with dozens of new fixes and improvements, with the version 1.1 released on September 8th.

Furthermore, it brings more than 20 brand new abilities to the game, so the combats are even more exciting than before. You can also enjoy the extended hero pool, as well many other improvements.

For the first time, you can choose between the full and simplified mod version.

Read more and start downloading right here: Mod website

Dark Dragon PW
8 września 2018, 16:34
Is there somewhere full list of bugfixes and/or changes?

Pointer PW
13 września 2018, 15:07
I've got a question about Forbidden Magic Schools. Since the Trail by Fire has been released, forbidden magic schools doesn't work. You can choose Light Magic in Necropolis, Dark Magic in Haven and so on and of course you get at least one spell of these school on each level of the Mage Guild. Your mod doesn't change it at all. I've tried it for every faction. And, ironically, I've got 3 Light Magic spells on 1st Mage Guild level in Necropolis. So, how does it work? What is the sense of these option in Facion.upk file?

P.S. I did't test the whole mod, because some files are the same as in my mod, so I put only Faction.upk file. Should I copy something more to make Forbidden Schools working properly?

Antalyan PW
14 września 2018, 15:27
@Dark Dragon
The list of the changes is available here: Your text to link here...

Forbidden magic schools have never stopped working, you still cannot get a spell of a forbidden magic school in the magic guild. (I've just tried that it works as intended).
The Faction.upk file enables to modify the preferred and forbidden magic school of every faction if any.

Your mod must cause the issue in some way, I don't see any other explanation since I'm not aware of any other file you'd need for that, only the Config file binding everything together sometimes causes unexpected trouble.

Pointer PW
15 września 2018, 23:31
It's not connected with my mod. I didn't change anything in spells and magic schools yet. The problem with not working forbidden schools has appeared just after Trial by Fire has been released. I don't have any icon in place of forbidden school in Mage Guild and can choose each school as a chosen one (of course not counting the base magic school for factions that have base magic school).

Antalyan PW
16 września 2018, 20:57
Does it appear in casual skirmish games as well? I just started the game as necropolis and I cannot choose the light magic as the preferred school.

Pointer PW
17 września 2018, 00:21
I generally play only skirmish games, so I'm talking about this kind of games.

Antalyan PW
21 września 2018, 19:10
You should try to temporarily remove all the mods and try the game without them, you should be able to see that the forbidden magic schools work by default.

Kammer PW
21 września 2018, 20:46
Guys, I made a little test.

1. I launched a Skirmish map, chose Necro, built a Mage Guild and checked if there is light magic possible to choose. No, there wasn't.
2. I installed UCP 1.1 Full to My Documents & repeated method form above. Again, it was impossible to pick light magic.

So, Pointer, I aware that there is something fishy with your mod. :/

Pointer PW
23 września 2018, 12:47
So I think I should reinstall the game, because, as I said before, I don't have forbidden Magic since I have Trial by Fire. Even before I've installed any mods.

Hieronim PW
24 listopada 2018, 20:55

Co do tego tematu mam pytanie - jak zainstalować ten patch? Chodzi mi o wersję simple. Przeczytałem instrukcję tylko nie wiem, czy dobrze rozumiem - wystarczy wrzucić pliki do katalogu z grą? Mam wersję ze Steam, dlatego w moim katalogu znajdują się tylko trzy foldery - Config, Logs oraz Savegames. Czy wystarczy tylko umieścić foldery Cooked PC i Localization obok tych wymienionych wcześniej?

Zrobiłem to i nie wiem czy to już działa, czy nie. Tam dalej jest napisane "Go to the Necropolis Creatures section, find the Spectral Dragon
Check whether it displays the correct updated Soul Reaver ability description: Your hero receives 1 Mana for each adjacent living enemy creature at the beginning of this creature's each turn." U mnie cały czas jest % zamiast 1. Bo tak w ogóle czy muszę zmieniać język na angielski żeby to działało?

Tallos PW
31 grudnia 2018, 00:31
Do powyższego, co prawda autorowi się nie przyda, ale może ktoś inny będzie tego szukał. Problem polega na tym, że mod podmienia niektóre pliki lokalizacyjne. Tylko że są to pliki \INT\*.int, podczas gdy polska wersja korzysta z \POL\*.pol. Trzeba albo zmienić język na angielski, albo zrobić domowe spolszczenie (które w sumie zrobiłem, muszę tylko przetłumaczyć pliki dotyczące Fortecy i mogę się podzielić).

Sam zainstalowałem moda, ale nie jestem pewien, czy działa. Moje Arbiterki wciąż nie kontratakują, kiedy kolega zostanie zaatakowany :(
strona: 1 - 2
temat: [mod] Unofficial Community Mod

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