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Niebiańska Kuźnia  (WoG, HotA, VCMI)temat: [VCMI/Projekt] Świątynia/Shrine
komnata: Niebiańska Kuźnia (WoG, HotA, VCMI)
strona: 1 - 2 - 3 ... 9 - 10 - 11

Majster PW
28 marca 2021, 12:17
I'm just too lazy to update the mod list

all mods have been updated for a long time, but only either in a group in VK or on a playlist on the channel

ALL MY WORKS REMOVED FROM THE LIST OF MOD I hope I explained this well and further discussion is pointless

You have full right to publish your mods whatever you want. I check your site on VK occasionally, but it seems a little messy to me. Anyway, I think by publishing your works on VK and youtube only you cut off your range to potential players.
If you really want to promote your mods, you could post it in one topic on Heroes Community, right in order with all newest versions. Similar as did MDT, or Ben Yen on VCMI forum.
It's weired that you didn't have timne to update mod list on wiki, but you had time to delete everything. Your bahaviour is childish. I am not going to strife with you, rather to help and advice. You seem to be talented modder, and you have eager and time to work. However, you loose all this potential. Even if you have polished and decent mod, you don't share it with the community (I don't count VK, which is really for few people).

If you have rights to Mytholody and Abyss from their owners, I don't have problem with it.

zeryss PW
28 marca 2021, 15:33
help is always appreciated as 2 people will not do much
look if interested

Majster PW
28 marca 2021, 15:59
help is always appreciated as 2 people will not do much
look if interested
Wow, it looks like great.

We may convert this conversation to other place (this is topic about Shrine, it's pointless to make more offtopic here).

zeryss PW
28 marca 2021, 16:47

Bacus PW
28 marca 2021, 19:27
Oh my Andżej...

I cannot get one year off from this, and drama time starts, phone ringing with 'Hey man, there a shitshow in your project" and I have "what project" in my head.

Mr. Zeryss, I don't continue this project anymore because of... a lot of things. Other games, singles moms from my neighborhood, looking for better job or just any job, drinking too much alcohol and of course doing epic "discussions" on other forums and discords, raiding in WoW, making nfsw furry arts and other very important for our society stuff.

So this project is in Coma. If there will be someone who wants use my artwork to continue it or use it to other projects, just direct messege to me and We can talk about, but models done by Mr.Trith, music from Mr.Hobbit or other artist for this project doesn't belong to me, so I cannot give persmission to use them or something.

and to end this post will good news I have anecdote.

Did you ever heard story about deaf Micheal who chew his gum till he went blind?
The end!

Ps. He was deaf from his birth

zeryss PW
28 marca 2021, 20:38
tempting offer noah think that the project can be completed by joining forces and forgetting about disagreements

zeryss PW
28 marca 2021, 20:45
we are a little busy now, if anyone has any materials on vori
strona: 1 - 2 - 3 ... 9 - 10 - 11
temat: [VCMI/Projekt] Świątynia/Shrine

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