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Komnata Cieni (Heroes VII)temat: Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer
komnata: Komnata Cieni (Heroes VII)
strona: 1 - 2 - 3

lordgraa PW
21 marca 2018, 22:58
Yeah, but sadly no more Sanctuary creatures from H6 :( All we can get is just Kappa + those Medusae.

Would be nice to have at least Kirin and Shark Warrior back!

BTW another (fifth) combat map is ready (still in work) for showcase, Chapel of the Sun:

lordgraa PW
28 kwietnia 2018, 21:13
Last (6th) combat map:

Now I will try (again) to create new siege map for Xel town but it is harder then I thought :/

Asderuki PW
29 kwietnia 2018, 21:03
What kind of problem do you have with it?

lordgraa PW
29 kwietnia 2018, 21:19
The gate is the problem. Once a friendly unit passes through other units cant go out of the gate as its now as an obstacle (wall for example) and even if the gate is open no unit can go out...

lordgraa PW
22 lipca 2018, 18:58
Beta trailer:

Kammer PW
22 lipca 2018, 20:23
This looks very promising, I can't wait for beta version.

Adolf_Egzekutor PW
22 lipca 2018, 20:55
fap fap fap :D

lordgraa PW
28 lipca 2018, 16:24
Legendary Dragon ring

If you join the upcoming Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer open beta, you get the chance to win one of the seven legendary rings that are the mark of Umbramancers.

More information about the beta can be found here:

lordgraa PW
24 sierpnia 2018, 09:56
Today, the open beta for Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer just started!

All important info (including files to download and bugreport sheet) can be found here: WPU beta page

lordgraa PW
6 października 2018, 13:25
After two open beta waves we have fixed 65 bugs so far!

The changelist can be found here...

New patch (v0.1.2) can be downloaded here...

We are also slowly approaching the "final" version of WPU packages and soon after there are no more bugs that can be fixed, we will start with the first chapter of WPU campaign!

There will be also a trailer to announce it so watch out our YouTube channel.

Adolf_Egzekutor PW
5 lutego 2019, 17:11
Any chances to test new faction on a skirmish maps?

lordgraa PW
6 lutego 2019, 10:37
Hey, we are now working on the maps of the first campaign so all our "resources" are focused there :)

Skirmish maps or multiplayer maps in general have one big disadvantage in H7 - no scripts :( Also we are still struggling with town combat map - should we solve at least this one, there will be skirmish map with new town for sure :)

Górski Krasnolud PW
21 lipca 2019, 13:44
Any news?

lordgraa PW
22 lipca 2019, 20:19
A lot of news but it is not yet the time to reveal them ;)

All I can say we are working on the first 6 campaign maps (Wryns) along with the first story/movie that will acompany the campaign once released.

But wait... I think I can share some:

lordgraa PW
28 listopada 2020, 16:48
The king (WPU project) is dead. Long live the new king (TSoA)!

Trailer on YouTube

First community DLC for Heroes VII created from the original WPU project.

More info:

What is new?
• Whole new Xel town (ancient alien race)
• 18 new Xel units
• 4 new neutral units
• 4 new Xel heroes
• new Xel faction skill Mutagenesis
• 1 legendary artifact
• 3 old-new spells: Bless, Curse, Animate Dead

Kammer PW
7 stycznia 2021, 00:55
OK, I have to admint I'm quite impressed -- I didn't expect this to work. I wish there were more successful H7 mods.

BTW, I found small description bug.

lordgraa PW
7 stycznia 2021, 16:50
@Kammer: What is wrong with the description?

BTW there are some H7 mods still in the works (Conflux town, Inferno town) but I am not sure if the people are still working on those or they got "burned" like me? Luckily I was able to rise another MOD from the ashes of the first one :O)

Kammer PW
9 stycznia 2021, 00:26
What is wrong with the description?
the description is in Czech -- it should be in English as rest is.

there are some H7 mods still in the works (Conflux town, Inferno town) but I am not sure if the people are still working on those or they got "burned" like me?
I'm pretty sure Inferno town is dead, I also have high hopes for Conflux, it's development was brilliant, it'd shame if it were for nothing.

lordgraa PW
9 stycznia 2021, 12:37
OK, found the missing translation and sent you the updated file so if you can test it first, before I upload the new version?


Kammer PW
9 stycznia 2021, 15:37
I can confirm, description is now correct.
strona: 1 - 2 - 3
temat: Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer

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