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Komnata Cieni (Heroes VII)temat: [mapa arena] The Hunger Games in H7
komnata: Komnata Cieni (Heroes VII)

Antalyan PW
9 października 2016, 19:05
Discover details about my latest released map, The Hunger Games!

Map type: big scenario map for singleplayer or hotseat multiplayer
Players: up to 6
Concept: designed to be a very unique map with various ways to victory
Final Version Release: 07/05/2018
Download: maps4heroes

Map description
This is the improved version of the original The Hunger Games map with completely changed beginning to be much faster.
A unique concept of singleplayer/multiplayer scenario map, working only in SINGLEPLAYER & HOTSEAT due to H7 restrictions.

- the map is scripted for 6 players in hotseat
- it is recommended to play with random skilling for more fair game
- you should update the game to the latest version 2.21 for playing

How to set factions (they have no gameplay impact but they code the map function)!!!
- player 1 must be always human and they can choose whatever faction
- humans players in positions 2-6 must NOT CHOOSE HAVEN (haven activates scripts for playable AI)
- AI players in positions 2-6 MUST CHOOSE HAVEN
- if you want to reduce the number of players, just set them as AI + assign them any other faction than Haven, these players will lose anyway when the Hunger Games start

Main differences against version 1.0
- you can play against AI (see above)
- the preparation phase takes only one week, so the game is fast and dynamic (you get to the arena straightaway):
- fixed broken scripts

ABOUT THE MAP (recommended to read before playing)
The map is inspired by famous series written by Suzanne Collins. If you know them, some features might be familiar to you. However, it's not necessary to know the original Hunger Games at all, you can still enjoy a multiplayer map which is great I hope.

Each of 6 players controls two heroes, chosen by a community poll in autumn, and two towns from different factions (representing thus all 12 districts). All players get only ONE WEEK to prepare, to build their armies and to level up their heroes (everything in the underground). During that time, players are strictly forbidden to fight each other. Before the timer expires, they have to move to the island in the middle and teleport to the arena, where the battle will take place. Compared to the original version, this one has much faster beginning, so you get to the arena after several minutes of playing. The whole game can be finished in a while... or in many hours, it's just up to you.

As soon as the timer expires, all barriers are broken and players and heroes can start fighting until only one winner is left. There are no towns in the arena and heroes lose their beginning towns as soon as the timer expires, also their resources are set to 0. Sure there are some neutral armies, resources, artefacts and neutral locations in the arena, but they can be occupied by your enemy...

The map offers various ways to win, many hidden places and mechanics you might discover only after several games, so the replayability should be great. Additionally, the map should be completely different to the rest of multiplayer maps.

I decided to use the feedback of the rest of the community and let them/you/ decide which heroes will fight each other in arena according to the rules above.

The survey has been finished and the most excited of you have chosen the following heroes:

Player 1
District 1 - Ella
District 2 - Fredrik

Player 2
District 3 - Darkstorm
District 4 - Reem

Player 3
District 5 - Nur
District 6 - Yrris

Player 4
District 7 - Gem
District 8 - Ludmilla

Player 5
District 9 - Christian
District 10 - Amari

Player 6
District 11 - Ciele
District 12 - Svea

Andruids PW
9 października 2016, 19:27
Hi Antalyan. I've seen you contributing and commenting on English Heroes messageboards for some time. Neat to see you here : >
I hope you won't mind me summarising your post, so that more of Polish cavelurkers will have a clear understanding about your message.


Kolega Antalyan chce zrobić arenkę do Heroes 7 nawiązującą do serii "Igrzyska Śmierci".

W skrócie, ma to być zabawa dla 6 graczy, z których każdy ma do dyspozycji po 2 bohaterów i 2 miasta z 2 różnych frakcji, co ma symbolizować 12 dystryktów z uniwersum Igrzysk. Gra ma być podzielona na dwie fazy. W pierwszej z nich, gracze mają parę miesięcy przygotowań na obszarze podziemnym, po czym teleportują się do wyspy na środku mapy, gdzie następuje faza bezlitosnych walk. Gra kończy się w momencie, kiedy zostanie wyłoniony jeden zwycięzca.

Kolega prosi o udział w ankiecie, żeby wybrać, jacy według nas bohaterowie powinni zostać wybrani do Igrzysk i o wszelkie dodatkowe uwagi.

Antalyan PW
10 października 2016, 20:05
Hi Andruids,
Thanks for translating my message to Polish :D
I will add some screenshots soon.

Matikun PW
10 października 2016, 23:32
Great idea :D. I'm a fan of Hunger Games' mechanics, so it makes me a fan of your map too. I can't wait to play it with my friends ;D.

Antalyan PW
23 października 2016, 19:55
The post has been updated: poll results & answers for common questions.

Lord Baffourd PW
25 października 2016, 12:20
Interesting idea. Though, if I recall correctly, similar style of gameplay was seen in one of Raelag's campaign maps in Heroes V, long before actual Hunger Games were a thing:) Still, it's a rather cool concept, so keep up the good work!

Antalyan PW
21 listopada 2016, 19:22
Almost one month after my latest response, there is a quick update:
- I researched AI possibilities a bit and as I have predicted, it would be extremely difficult to make this map for players controlled by AI too because AI does not recognize any other win & loss conditions than standart ones. It would be neccessary to script every single action of AI, and even then it would have some unfair advantages against player and it could never be equal to human players (I know it never really is but in classic games it can look like it is at least). So there will always be 6 human players neccessary to play this map. The bright side is it reflects the original THG better and also the feeling from the game should increase while playing against unpredictable opponents.
- Besides default adventure map buildings, also the ones from LTA and even several new ones (for scripts) should appear on the map.
- The rewards for winning the combat against each other were also a discussed topic. I decided for 50 Arcane Archers and 100 Lizardmen for now, sure only later testing shows if it needs to be changed.
-Strategy: Definitely, what I really don't want is to have a map where everything is decided in a few first turns. As in THG, there will be a Cornucopia in the middle of arena with some gold mine (the only one on the map) and dwellings. However, for those who don't want to join the first fights, there should be enough possibilities and sites to visit to have a chance against their "professional" opponents. So consequently with heroes fighting & collecting resources in the main Cornucopia zone, there should be longer-lasting fights for rewards hidden in different map corners. Sometimes you will need to reach certain hero level or visit some altars to obtain them. Generally, my aim is to provide the map with different possible strategies to win - sure only time shows if I succeed or not ;) I also hope the fact you control two heroes, each of them from a different faction, should enable more combinations and strategies too.
Information: Naturally, I guess you could want some more concrete information. At the current time, I can just say I have finished around 90% of scripts and 70% of map painting so I should not be much far from creating a playable version of the map, hopefully till Christmas if no major problems appear. I hope you will help me to test it then :D

And yes, the Raelag mission was trully one of the inspirations :)

Antalyan PW
13 grudnia 2016, 19:42
December update:
As you might have noticed, I originally planned to release this map even this year. However, as the map painting process is more time demanding than I previously expected, and as I also came up with several new ideas (like how do the feast in the arena), it's obvious now that I won't manage it on time.

So the testing version of this map should be released in very early 2017.

I wish you to enjoy the Christmas time and come back in January to see the (hopefully) finished map!

The original post has also been updated with some info & the first arena screenshot!

Antalyan PW
6 stycznia 2017, 20:11
Hello Heroes,
The time has finally come and the map can be released!

After months of working with buggy (but mighty) MMH7 editor, I have finally finished my work and now its up to you to test my effort!

The map has been uploaded to and
As these websites have their own way of verifying the recorded maps, the exact time of availability of the map is unknown but I expect it to by in the following hours, or days at latest.

Check also the updated map information above!

As always, any feedback you can provide me is interesing for me, although some ideas simply cannot be realised of course.
Also if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me :)


Antalyan PW
9 maja 2018, 18:04
Important Announcement
After hundreds of hours spent working on this map, I finally found out H7 does not support Multiplayer scenario maps. Scripts simply do not work for other players.

That's why I decided to no longer continue working on this map, I've also moved to further H7 projects (such as UCP or WPU .

However, I improved the map, so it can be now played both in HOTSEAT MULTIPLAYER and SINGLEPLAYER. Plus the beginning is really fast now, see the original post above.

Enjoy The Hunger Games!
temat: [mapa arena] The Hunger Games in H7

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