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Niebiańska Kuźnia  (WoG, HotA, VCMI)temat: [ERA/rózne] rozgrywki sieciowe na zmoddowanej grze
komnata: Niebiańska Kuźnia (WoG, HotA, VCMI)

majaczek PW
17 marca 2013, 19:59

ERA 2.43+mods sparing matches on gameranger

who would play with me ERA2.43 with these settings on gameranger?

Q: how to make ERA work on gameranger?
A: backup your heroes3.exe and copy/rename your h3era.exe or h3era_HD.exe to heroes3.exe.

Q: I play with mods but having problems online, how to fix this?
A: You need to have same set of mods, same size of saving block setting, also disable autosave and quicksavings.

Q: I want to play with my friends as a host, what should I do?
A: Provide like majaczek but with different list.txt file (the one you have in mods folder after you setup mods) - rest of settings should be like in majaczek's

Q: I want to play with majaczek, what should I do?
A: Download file from top of the post and unpack to main ERA folder, download all the mods if you don't have or update if you have older versions, and PM majaczek on gameranger.

anybody who want to take some online play of era on gameranger (not only ones willing to play with me) are gently requested to post in this topic

ktoś chce grać w erę na gameranger? chciałbym uzbuerać ludu do 2v2v2 :P

majaczek PW
30 marca 2013, 14:40
okay found here are some problems when both ERA and gameranger is in use, which makes more than 2 players play almost impossible. Sorry 2v2v2 could wait for new patch for era :P.
temat: [ERA/rózne] rozgrywki sieciowe na zmoddowanej grze

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