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Portal Przeszłości (Heroes VI)temat: Fabuła dodatków DLC
komnata: Portal Przeszłości (Heroes VI)
strona: 1 - 2 - 3 ... 5 - 6 - 7

Lukasz89 PW
25 lipca 2012, 22:44
Niestety nie mogę odpowiedzieć na wszystkie pytania, ponieważ nie posiadam owego DLC.

Jeżeli chodzi o bohaterów z poprzednich części, tak jest to dobry pomysł, ale pod warunkiem, że nie będzie to robione masowo.

Jeżeli chodzi o „remake” starej fabuły, odpowiedź brzmi nie. Dlaczego? Ponieważ po to gram w nową grę, aby poznawać na nowo jakąś przygodę. Oczywiście może ona w pewien sposób nawiązywać do starego uniwersum, ale nie może stawać się w pewnym sensie jego kopią.

Ogólnie rzecz biorąc same DLC, są naprawdę fajnym pomysłem, o ile zostaną spełnione dwa warunki. Po pierwsze będę ciekawe i wprowadzają coś nowego poza mapą i misjami. Przykładem może być np. wprowadzenie nowego bossa związanego z fabuła DLC, co nie pozwoli nazwać go tylko kilkoma mapami.

Po drugie można tworzyć wiele DLC, o ile nie wpłynie to na tworzenie osobnych, z prawdziwego zdarzenia dodatków. Nie powinna zaistnieć sytuacja, w której za 3-4 DLC, które nie wprowadzają poza mapami i misjami modeli jednostek, bossów zapłacimy tyle co za podstawkę H6, a o dodatkach z prawdziwego zdarzenia nikt nie będzie dalej słyszeć.

Swoją droga, kiedy będziemy mogli ujrzeć podsumowanie, które będzie wysłane do UBI?

Acid Dragon PW
26 lipca 2012, 14:17
Swoją droga, kiedy będziemy mogli ujrzeć podsumowanie, które będzie wysłane do UBI?

Sądzę, że do końca miesiąca powinno być spisane.

TopFunny525 PW
26 lipca 2012, 15:12
Wiadomo coś o tym nowym DLC?

Acid powiedział, że nic nie może zdradzić nawet gdyby chciał:). Musisz czekać aż Ubisoft sam zacznie paplać.

Acid Dragon PW
30 lipca 2012, 22:17
Podsumowanie, które jutro wysłane zostanie wygląda tak:

A discussion about the storyline of Pirates of the Savage Sea (along wit the VARN map) was held at Acidcave ( Several questions were asked to and answered by our community. This is not a direct translation, but a "digest" of the most important things mentioned.

Short summary:
The "Pirates" campaign got very mixed opinions. Quite a few people complained it was short and not interesting. The "VARN" map got generally positive opinions. People generally like the idea of seeing old heroes in their "Ashan versions", but have some remarks about them. They also like returning to the old universe. They are divided however on the topic of doing remakes of previous storylines. If so - the Heroes III storyline was - by far - mentioned most often.

Discussion results:

Q: What do you think about the storyline of the Pirates of the Savage Sea campaign?

- It was fun and engaging though a bit short and shallow.

- I regret that pirates were not a new race.

- Not very interesting. Again with saving the world. At least no demons this time. No eclipse nor a freak angel, just a local crazy woman with a superiority complex - so there's progress. But there are holes in the main plot, especially if the player got rid of an annoying enemy instead of following the quests. Also, sometimes there are no clues about what to do next - like in the case of no information about Falagar being the only one who can get rid of the ice wall from the first map. There are some new heroes, but I guess their only role was to say one or two words - they do not have any further roles in the storyline (Bart Brimstone, Falagar, Jon, Ulagan). There's also no background for Crag Hack - no past, no achievements (only briefly mentioned), no introduction nor explanation about who he is. His name alone doesn't make him a hero.

- I didn't like it very much - there was nothing interesting to me. The thunderbird wasn't a good boss for pirates. The campaign was very short and that's the biggest flaw.

- I liked the storyline very much. Pirates are a good theme for a Heroes game.

- Not particulary interesting but it's good that it wasn't made like a 14363rd episode of "The Bold and The Eclipsed"

Q: What do you think about the storyline of the VARN map?

- I consider the return to the old universe as a good thing and I think it was well done.

- It's alright. You can feel the previous Heroes games.

- What storyline? There's no storyline except a few quests. The map itself was too big and too boring.

- I liked it very much. I think that other revisits to the old universe should be done in this way.

- The whole VARN storyline is rich and realistic. Again we have a succession war. I think that the game can not only entartain but even teach us about things that happened in the medieval times.

Q: Is returning old heroes in an "Ashan version" a good thing? Was it done right?

- Yes, but it could have been done better. I would be happy if there was more to it than just sharing a common name and look. A hint about the possibility of uniting the two universes would be nice.

- It's a good idea, but not everyone from the old universe should be returned. So there shouldn't be any forced comebacks. E.g. doing that with Tarnum would be a sacrilege. But I would enjoy the return of Emilia Nighthaven or Gaudolth in an "Ashan version".

- Yes, the more the better!

- Yes and no. Yes because it is nice to see them again. No because they do not fit into Ashan. Besides - this world has its own heroes, so why mix in old ones - especially if they are really just different people with the same name.

- It's better than adding the original heroes, like Sandro from Deyja. I like Crag but I would give him full armour and make him a barbarian instead of a mercenary and a pirate.

- Of course it is. Nobody would want to say goodbye to them forever. However their presence should be explained.

- it's just genius. You cannot sentence a fan to only his memories. Returning the old heroes makes us realize that they have never gone away - they are still with us and need us.

- If it's only taking the name, a similar look and the biography and putting them on Ashan then no. These worlds are totaly different and it just doesn't fit.

- I have mixed feelings. This makes joining the two universes harder, as it creates a kind of an alternate reality. I mean - How many Crag Hacks and Sandros can there be? On one side it's good to see familiar faces, on the other - if I could ever see the "original" heroes again, I would rather wait for them.

- It's a good idea, but it shouldn't be done in mass.

Q: Does returning to the old universe mean anything to you? Is it better just to leave the past behind (especially the controversial part about Ancients and their technology)? Or just the opposite - return and develop the old universe or even combine it with the new one?

- It's better to return and a merging of the universes would be like Christmas in June :)

- The creators should just stick to occasional maps and easter-eggs or we will get a total mixup in the storyline. Better leave it as it is.

- If the format of the return is like in the VARN map, then it doesn't mean much. There could be a joining of the universes if they are not hundreds of years apart in timeline from each other.

- The meaning is the same as playing the Mandate of Haven or Clouds of Xeen maps [for Heroes 3]. It's nice to see that, but it doesn't bring anything new. I think it's better to leave that alone if the creator doesn't know many details about the Ancients. It would be fun, if Ashan belonged to the same universe [as the old one], but now it's not so, therefore it's better to leave it alone than make "Ashan copies" of the old worlds but without the Kreegans, the Ancients and the lost technology.

- It's very sentimental. The creators should return to the MM1-5 storylines more often but just as single maps. Also they should not resolve old issues like who are the Ancestors [from HC] or Ancients. There is no point in merging the universes - we would have a bunch of different Crag Hacks now and doppelgangers of other heroes. Also - don't develop the old universe. Ubisoft will surely f*** it up, so I'd rather have my beautiful memories.

- The meaning is great. This way Ubisoft shows that they care for the HoMM series and not only for their money. The last thing that happened on Antagarich was its destruction, so Ubisoft has some open doors there with adding just any kind of stories. You can return to the old universe, but not neccessarily develop it. You could return to Antagarich and rebuild it. Merging the universes is a great idea and could be done very easily.

- It has a big and symbolic meaning. It's a good step forward. Every fan would like the series to live forever. It would be good to approach the themes of the old universe but with the right distance. The Ancients' part of the storyline is complexed and illogical and modern/future technology ruins the game. The creators should keep returning to the old universe, but there has to be a good idea and consultations about the merging of the universes.

- It's a good idea only if we are actually returning to the old universe - not making "Ashan copies" of the old worlds. However it has to be considered that on Ashan most of the story is clear and in the NWC universe we had many mysteries and we should return to this kind of storytelling.

- It has meening on many levels. It's nice to see that the old universe wasn't forgotten and that we don't pretend like it never existed. I would like to see more of these kind of returns and continueing old stories - including the Ancients and there technology. As for merging the two universes - I'm all for it but it has to be done very carefuly and has to be well thought. We don't want two Crag Hacks to meet.

Q: Would you like to see a "remake" of one of the old storylines in Heroes VI?

- Why not? I would like to see what that would look like ;).

- I think Ubisoft should create something as Heroes Chronicles (as DLC) - create a hero that would fight in the Ashan world and save it. The storyline should be new though - not copied from older games.

- Sure :). I would like to ask for the Armageddon's Blade campaign along with the blade itself of course.

- Heroes V :P. No, no remakes. I want something new and fresh.

- At most they should do maps of the RPG games. And do a remake of the entire Heroes III game.

- Not a remake of a storyline, but an entire game. Heroes III would be the best.

- Return to Heroes III would be the best, though I do know that creating such a game would be very hard - a game with the same storyline but new graphics. I would like Sandro to return.

- I would like the Shadow of Death in the Heroes VI engine - as an independent expansion.

- I'd rather have new stories or development of the old ones. I don't like a situation when I know the storyline of the game before even starting it.

- No. I play new games in order to live a new adventure. It can somehow tie in with the old Universe but it cannot be a direct copy.

Other comments:

- I would like to play maps based on all Might and Magic I-V games in strategy form (I like strategy games more than RPG). I think it would be better for the players who did not play the RPGs to get to know the old worlds in the correct order as well as get to know the story of Sheltem and Corak from the start and not jump right into XEEN. Leave XEEN for later and now bring CRON and Terra.

- If Ubisoft wants to add these robo-heroes [Corak and Sheltem] to the game then I really don't understand them. Why did they leave the old universe and create a completely new one? So now they can add elements that did not fit H3 and in their oppinion they will fit H6? And they're adding them just like so. No explanation in the storyline about where they came from. And fans are suppose to get the hang of things?

TopFunny525 PW
30 lipca 2012, 22:27
Acid dałoby się jeszcze troszeczkę zmienić podsumowanie i dodać moją nową opinię o piratach? Jeśli tak to bardzo proszę:).

Co sądzicie o fabule Piratów

Całkiem Całkiem. Ogółem wciąga niczym ruchome piaski;P. Szkoda tylko, że kampania jest tak krótka:(. Mam nadzieję, że w Danse Macabre kampania jak i historia będą przeznaczone na min. 4 misje. Poza tym wszystko okej.

Alamar PW
30 lipca 2012, 23:41
W takim razie jeszcze moje podsumowanie mapki o VARN-ie (tym razem dłuższe i dokładniejsze, zresztą krótkie streszczenie Marzhin już czytał):

- Mapka jest typu "deafeat all players", a nie "Story-line". Poza wstępem brak jest dalszego postępu fabuły w grze. Nie ma żadnych eventów wyskakujących przy zbliżeniu się do zamku wroga, żadnego podsumowania po bitwie z jednym z czterech wrogich bohaterów, żadnego opisu ważnych miejsc (Castle Doom, Castle Alamar, Castle White Wolf, Gates o Another World, itp.), nic. Gdzie rozmowa Penelopy z pokonanym wrogiem i jego reakcja na "Kobieta mnie bije!"? :P

- Brak historii wyjaśniającej co się wydarzyło te 25 lat temu. Mało kto dziś grał w MM1, a ta mapka jest dla wszystkich graczy (no dobra, dla tych co zakupili DLC :P), a nie tylko dla fan(atyk)ów pierwszej części sagi. Aż przydałoby się, by Penelopa wspomniała coś o swoim ojcu, o jego uwięzieniu, o pokonaniu Uzurpatora i kim naprawdę był oraz o historii Ragnara, Morglina i Guthberta.

- Jest neutralny Castle Alamar, ale gra kończy się po pokonaniu czterech oponentów, a zamek dalej zostaje neutralny. Znów się prosi, by oprócz pokonania byłych wasali, Penelopa musiała odzyskać zamek ojca i jednocześnie siedzibę władcy VARN-u.

- Volcano God jest miłym przeciwnikiem, ale umiejscowienie tego boga jest tak z daleka od miejsca walk z wasalami, iż wątpię, by wiele osób w ogóle zaprzątało sobie tym questem głowę. Chyba tylko odkrywcy, którzy zbadali całą mapkę co do milimetra (czyli ja :P), w ogóle ujrzeli owego boga i stoczyli z nim walkę.

- To co Marzhin już wie: tylko Guthbert się rozwija i atakuje gracza (jeszcze Ragnar na początku). Reszta siedzi w swoich zamkach i nie rusza dupska, by nawet zbudować nowe budynki każdego dnia. Mamy Sztucznych Idiotów HVI w całej okazałości. :P

- Brak jakiegoś doradcy, kogokolwiek, kto mógłby doradzać Penelopie lub prowadzić z nią rozmowy choćby o przeszłości VARN-u czy odwiedzanym właśnie ważnym miejscu (Mount Doom, Gates to Another World). Tarnum miał zawsze kogoś, z kim rozmawiał w kampaniach, w HIV to samo było. Nawet MM6-9 miały "wirtualnego" kronikarza, który podążał z drużyną i komentował jej postępy (zaś wcześniej był dziennik Coraka w MM3).

- Ogólnie mapka jest zbyt wielka i część miejsc w ogóle nie jest odwiedzana przez gracza, jeśli skupi się tylko na pokonaniu wrogów (główny cel mapy). Tyle wysiłku na nic.

- Brak drogowskazów, znanych choćby z czwartej mapki kampanii Nekropolii, opisujących teren, na który wkraczamy.

Fandor PW
21 września 2012, 17:39
Cześć, sorki za odświeżanie tematu, ale ostatnio coś mnie naszło i myślę że powinienem się tym podzielić.
Otóż po przeczytaniu że w succesion war występują osobny Crag i osobny Sandro to uważam że powinni zrobić dwa rody - jeden dla nowego uniwersum drugi dla starego do którego planują wracać. Jest to moim zdaniem potrzebne dla rozgraniczenia bohaterów.
Ponadto można by zrobić w kilku misjach tak by były tylko dla rodu od starego uniwersum i kilka tylko dla nowego.
strona: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7
temat: Fabuła dodatków DLC

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