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Niebiańska Kuźnia  (WoG, HotA, VCMI)temat: [ERA/dodatek] The Succession Wars
komnata: Niebiańska Kuźnia (WoG, HotA, VCMI)
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Andruids PW
11 października 2015, 00:11
Holy carp, is that Cuisinart? : D

Tanned guy is a little lacklustre, but otherwise, bloody brilliant.

Dark Dragon PW
18 października 2015, 11:08
Jak dla mnie wspaniała wiadomość. W modzie znajdą się mapy z H1-3!

Orzie PW
18 października 2015, 11:15
Tak :)

One more tasty feature of the upcoming v0.8 beta of H3SW is the conversions of official H1, H2 and H3 maps. They will allow many players to feel nostalgic and look over old battles from another point of view. Now the maps are sorted out in a much more convenient and presentative way.

The future releases of the project are also going to feature entirely new maps with maximum variety of objects alongside with the further contributions to the conversion of classic maps.

Full map list for v0.8 beta can be watched here.

Hayven PW
18 października 2015, 11:29
Please remind me... the mod is still developed under ERA, isn't it? And no chance to make it a standalone project?

Но я должен сказать, что ваша работа прекрасная! [Still, I have to say that your work is wonderful!]

I can't wait to play the complete TSW mod, it's like a second life both for H2 and H3... and even H1 :)

Orzie PW
18 października 2015, 15:59
What do you mean by "standalone"? We plan to make v0.8 beta install-and-play. It will still be ERA-based, but all you will need to do is simply launch the installer, install the game over clean Heroes Complete (GoG-version) and play the game.

Yes, in fact one of the purposes of our work is a comeback for old-school series in a new quality so the people will be able to refresh their gaming impressions. We will try not to repeat HoMM2 and HoMM3 mistakes, and provide a unique gaming experience.

Hayven PW
18 października 2015, 17:28
What do you mean by "standalone"? We plan to make v0.8 beta install-and-play. It will still be ERA-based, but all you will need to do is simply launch the installer, install the game over clean Heroes Complete (GoG-version) and play the game.

That's what I wanted to hear :)

zmudziak22 PW
18 października 2015, 19:53
Will you fix minimap colors?

Like water being brown on minimap, etc.

Orzie PW
18 października 2015, 20:09
Yes, of course. You already can see the fixed minimap on the previous promo screenshot on the previous page.

Tallos PW
19 października 2015, 13:47
I would delete the gypsy town. Joining units without any motive just because they're neutraln isn't good idea to me. But, neverless, admire hard work.

Hobbicus PW
19 października 2015, 13:48
There's no Gypsy town - now there's Dervish town, which is desert-related.

Orzie PW
20 października 2015, 18:42
Precisely. More info about the Dervish faction will follow later.

Orzie PW
4 listopada 2015, 20:37
As you all may already know, Heroes of Might and Magic 3: The Succession Wars claims itself a new game which combines the features of HoMM2 and HoMM3 alternately. It is clearly visible on the following picture as well.

The new artifact system which somehow supports the flexibility of H2 and is arranged as a somewhat new version of H3 inventory doll, is also a part of the hybrid approach. Since HoMM2 had completely different artifacts than its more successful sequel, it can be very interesting and unusual to check the new gameplay in action.

Fandor PW
4 listopada 2015, 20:51
This is great!

Morglin PW
4 listopada 2015, 21:02
Z charakterystycznego grubego obramowania z H2 zrezygnowaliście ze względów technicznych (nie potraficie dodać ramki o innych wymiarach?) czy estetycznych?

A na wersję 0.8 czekam ciągle tak samo mocno, ---wymrożono---

Hobbicus PW
4 listopada 2015, 21:07
Przyjrzyj się uważnie - to obramowanie jest obecne po prawej stronie ekranu. Po prostu rozdzielczość jest większa, przez co jest, proporcjonalnie, nieco cieńsze.

Orzie PW
4 listopada 2015, 21:09
Well, I think we don't have to adapt the interfaces so close to H2: the style is the main thing which makes sense. We may experiment more in future though.

Morglin PW
22 grudnia 2015, 04:47
Beta 0.8 wyjdzie w tym roku?

avatar PW
22 grudnia 2015, 06:44
Tak pisali na HC. Celuję w Sylwestra. W tym roku nie HotA ale właśnie Succesion Wars wygra "będę grał w grę".

Orzie PW
22 grudnia 2015, 11:57
More details about the release date will follow later. It's not going to collide with HotA milestone release date.

Dark Dragon PW
22 grudnia 2015, 15:49
Nie wiem jak reszta Grotowiczów, ale ja osobiście wolałbym zagrać w bliższe kompletności SW, niże kolejną odsłonę HotA z jedną nową jednostką i pięcioma obiektami (i znów bez polskiej wersji językowej) :P.
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temat: [ERA/dodatek] The Succession Wars

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