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Niebiańska Kuźnia  (WoG, HotA, VCMI)temat: [ERA/dodatek] The Succession Wars
komnata: Niebiańska Kuźnia (WoG, HotA, VCMI)
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Orzie PW
17 lipca 2015, 13:30
I knew about it, but this theme is too Heroes 3-styled. I think it fits H3 WoG Bastion castle best. We are able to make our own castle OSTs with opera vocals, so I guess we will take that way.

The question of the Sand theme is still open. Perhaps I shall look through Heroes 1 music once again (we already decided to put some sounds in H3SW and even the Computer Turn music as an alternative music theme), but I am not very optimistic.

That's good news. I have to join to this forum ;). Just yesterday I downloaded and played the Beta little longer than usual and it was great! I'm looking forward to the new version :3.
You are the most welcome! I must note that old H3SW beta is no match for the upcoming development, and I will be glad to meet every Kwasowa Grota dweller there stopping by for a while. We plan to have a multi-language support on Forums of Enroth so who knows how things will go.

Orzie PW
31 lipca 2015, 12:53
We proudly announce the first public version of the Dervish faction design document.
There you can find a lot of unique content previously unpresented in English language-oriented resources, including concept art and background lore behind the new desert castle everyone loved.

You can check it out on our new official forums!

Please note that some aspects are still in development (as well as my grammar mistakes are still present), but this design document should serve as a nice basis for what we do.

Morglin PW
31 lipca 2015, 13:16
Dżinny będą miały swoją zdolność specjalną (10% szans na unicestwienie połowy atakowanego oddziału)? Bo jeśli tak, to miasto pewnie będzie mocno niezbalansowane, a jeśli nie, to moim zdaniem, zniszczy to urok tej jednostki.

Poza tym widać, że większość zaprezentowanych grafik wymaga jeszcze dopracowania (dlatego ich nie będę komentował), ale trzymam za was kciuki, bo koncept pustynnej frakcji wydaje się być niezwykle interesujący i z chęcią bym taką pograł.

Orzie PW
31 lipca 2015, 17:14
Genies WILL NOT have the ability to decimate enemy stacks.

What I think of is the passive ability "Magic Mirror" which is atmospheric for Genies and not duplicating any other creatures.

As for the graphics and other aspects - don't worry. We have got everything under control.

Orzie PW
8 września 2015, 22:09

Dark Dragon PW
8 września 2015, 22:23
Looks much alike Ashirox work.

Andruids PW
8 września 2015, 23:21
Looks much alike Ashirox work.

That's a little on the understatement side : p

Orzie PW
9 września 2015, 06:43
It actually is Ashirox's work, like 2D background artworks planned for the next version.
Yet, Docent Picolan also contributed some valuable adjustments.

Orzie PW
15 września 2015, 22:11

bRyland PW
16 września 2015, 06:50
One word @Orzie: great!

Orzie PW
16 września 2015, 07:15
Some more good news: we finally succeeded in implementing multi-colored font format with half-transparency for Heroes 3 engine. Finally we can make genuine H2 fonts and much, much more.

Morglin PW
16 września 2015, 14:49
Kanibal wzorowany na tym z MM6 jest świetny! Z niecierpliwością czekam na wersję 0.8.

magius123123 PW
16 września 2015, 18:28
Everything looks great so far! Keep it up man. I really can't wait for final Witch castle units/town to be shown off. The idea of the mod is just amazing and heart-warming for all old gamers who remember H2 just as fondly as H3, but are unable to play it because of newer systems (that would be me :D). All of the new features/updates/bugfixes are really welcome to (i think) all the fans. I wish you a good luck on this one and I hope you'll get it done soon and well, because it must be really time-consuming for you, but on the other hand, you've shown us all your amazing skills :)

Dark Dragon PW
16 września 2015, 20:09
@magius123123 - H2 działa świetnie po emulacji przez DoSBoxa (była w paczce z Humble Bundle z dolara i zawsze na różnych GOG-owych promocjach można ją dorwać).

Orzie - when do you want to realese new version?

magius123123 PW
16 września 2015, 21:21
@Dark Dragon, wiem, ale emulowanie gier na DoSbox'ie sprawia, ze sa bardzo nieoptymalne, a ich ograniczone opcje ze starych (dobrych) czasow sprawiaja, ze gra wyglada po prostu okropnie (piiixeloooza). Wole poczekac na tego moda, bo prezentuje sie miodnie (ponowne sorki za brak polskich znakow, ale nadal nie korzystam z PC, a na tym sprzecie nie ma do wyboru polskiej ''klawiatury'')

Orzie PW
17 września 2015, 19:27
@magius123123 - Thank you for the kind words, and there are a lot of ways to launch H2 on modern systems :)

@Dark Dragon - Officially we announce 2015, and unofficially I can say that it's not too late - a few months left :) This is why I meddle with the H2 section of Acid Cave, by the way. I spend all my free time for H3SW currently, we are running out of time.

magius123123 PW
17 września 2015, 23:10
@orzie, running it on an emulator/through other façon, doesn't make it actually optimized, and - as many other old games - it would look totally like shiet without having it to support higher screen resolutions. WoG and other such mods for H3 however include that option, and it's one of many reasons to why i prefer waiting for your mod to come out :D Other being that you add more factions and that H3 engine will likely auto-fix many bugs present in original H2. Sooo, yeah, I'm just too lazy and hungry for gorgeous content to come out xD

Orzie PW
21 września 2015, 19:37
Do you remember all those fancy HoMM2 fonts? As the other graphic elements of that game, they certainly added a lot to the comfortable fairy-tale atmosphere. H3SW Team was successful in implementing the fonts to HoMM3, creating the new font format. Now we can not only reproduce the original HoMM2 letters, but also design our own new elements to enrich the game's graphics. The prototype of such font can be seen on the first picture in the map name!

For those who does underestimate the importance of the presented update, we should clarify: the native HoMM3 fonts are monotonous and don't support half-transparent shadows and soft color transitions. Considering this aspect, they give in to HoMM2 fonts which look good even on beige backgrounds.

Orzie PW
2 października 2015, 12:11
Introducing the first promo screenshot of the upcoming v0.8 beta.

full size

Orzie PW
11 października 2015, 00:10
The second one follows.

full size

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temat: [ERA/dodatek] The Succession Wars

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