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Niebiańska Kuźnia  (WoG, HotA, VCMI)temat: [ERA/dodatek] The Succession Wars
komnata: Niebiańska Kuźnia (WoG, HotA, VCMI)
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Orzie PW
8 lipca 2014, 21:46
Now there are two of them. Can you guess which one is next? :)

Hayven PW
9 lipca 2014, 10:42
I'm waiting for the Sorceresses' garrison :)

Darkem PW
9 lipca 2014, 14:04
Can't wait to see Gypsy's version of a garrison. (Personally) I find this town the most interesting and attracting part of The Succession Wars mod :). Keep up the good work!

Orzie PW
10 lipca 2014, 17:50
Hehe, we will have to devise a brand new concept for the Gipsy castle first (the old one is obviously made from Warlock's castle). But be sure all of them will be in the mod ;)

Orzie PW
21 lipca 2014, 14:32
Good news on our new faction, the Witch.

The next mod version (still considered as beta) will have the Witch concept considerably revised. The new faction look, as well as the castle, now are not the simple recolor of already existing assets.

The hero will have a unique look in battle and on the adventure map. The concept of the hero is based on one of the most shining character concepts for the Witch hero roster.

Alistair PW
21 lipca 2014, 14:44
Czy na obecnym etapie jest sens ściągania tego moda? Z chęcią pograłbym sobie w przerobioną dwójeczkę.

Hayven PW
21 lipca 2014, 14:48
Well... the witch's in-combat face looks quite strange :D

Orzie PW
21 lipca 2014, 15:03
@Alistair: My personal opinion that not yet, but if you like Ghosts in the Gipsy town, then yes, because we are going to revamp the Gipsy faction concept and it's not going to be "pure H2 neutral castle" anymore.

You can check the gameplay video of the old 2013 open beta here.

For example, one of the new creatures (for the next beta) for the Gipsy castle is the Anubite. I finally brought him to perfection, so I decided to put it here too. :)

@Hayven: How so? The Sorceress' one is practically the same. You cannot put much detail in such low resolution and limited palette :)

Dark Dragon PW
21 lipca 2014, 23:42
Another great one.

Hayven PW
22 lipca 2014, 09:52
@Hayven: How so? The Sorceress' one is practically the same. You cannot put much detail in such low resolution and limited palette :)

Well... I don't know what was it exactly. When I look at it today I find it pretty good :)

Orzie PW
19 sierpnia 2014, 11:48
Although the Heretic faction is not supposed to appear in the nearest releases of The Succession Wars Mod, I'd like to leave this new preliminary Devil and Arch Devil concepts here.

I would also like to hear your thoughts on the topic, because not everyone played Might and Magic series and thus this concept will look entirely unfamiliar for them. Does this suit fine for you as the Heroes 2 Devils? ;)

Hayven PW
19 sierpnia 2014, 11:55
Sure :D They're wonderful!

Mad Hatter PW
19 sierpnia 2014, 17:33
I like their appearance.
But it may be better for Arch Devi in a black cape

Hayven PW
19 sierpnia 2014, 19:56
It is black at the back.

Orzie PW
28 sierpnia 2014, 15:37
Animating creatures is one of the toughest nuts in what we do. Today we are able to present the first preliminary frame batch (the moving one) for the Anubite - the new Gipsy creature, level 6.

The pixel imperfections will be dealt with a bit later, when the final gamma of the creature will be decided. It depends on the other creatures which will form the new Gipsy lineup (the Rogue, the Nomad, the Medusa, the Genie, and two new creatures which will be presented later).

J. M. Sower PW
28 sierpnia 2014, 15:52
Great units! I would like to see these Kre... ekhm, Devils in action :3.

Orzie PW
28 sierpnia 2014, 15:57
Hehe, I suppose, the Devils will have the same H3 teleport moving animation, the same H3 finger-teasing animation and attack animation similar to the H3 Dendroid one (but there can be variations, for example with the flaming claws).

The Death and Wounded animations will be probably based on their MMVI look.

Degraf PW
28 sierpnia 2014, 18:08
Very nice :)

Do you have any idea on ​​the skills for this unit?

Orzie PW
28 sierpnia 2014, 18:39
Do you mean the Devil? Same as H3 + probably something else.

If you mean the Anubite, we are thinking about the unique ability to summon a limited number of Ghosts who will be able to exist for a limited number of turns and enhance the tactical advantages of the Gipsy class.

Degraf PW
17 września 2014, 22:23
Mod-makers forgot about us - new Witch models.
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temat: [ERA/dodatek] The Succession Wars

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