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Niebiańska Kuźnia  (WoG, HotA, VCMI)temat: [ERA/dodatek] The Succession Wars
komnata: Niebiańska Kuźnia (WoG, HotA, VCMI)
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Hayven PW
14 kwietnia 2014, 18:15
Tyle że w HoMM2 mamy już w miastach dwa rodzaje piramid, na co komu trzecia jako miasto? :)

Orzie PW
15 kwietnia 2014, 06:10
@Acid Dragon
Well, you may already know that some backgrounds for hero portraits in H1 and H2 are taken from World of Xeen. So that it's true, the graphics can be adapted. Even the Hobbit's background is taken from MM4. :3

Forge cannot be in Enroth due to lore-wise reasons, but the general impression of people on 1st April (which turned to be unexpectedly positive while I thought everyone will be against it) leaves some chances. We will check what will happen next with such platforms as VCMI and WoG 3.59. Probably, the Forge can be released as a standalone minimod for those who love the sci-fi aspect of MM universe.

For now, this castle stands as a fanart (I actually have to spend some hours to polish it, it's still not perfect).

Well, the Dragonsand desert theme will be partially recreated in Gipsy castle. I don't know about VARN and its guardians, but Genies are already there, and in future there will be Sand Worms based on Sea Serpents from MM6. Hails to Enroth, etc.

Yeah, there are already too many pyramids. Mummy dwelling on the world map is already a problem since it should be made different from the classic Pyramid with 5th level spell to obtain from it.

Acid Dragon PW
15 kwietnia 2014, 09:53
I wasn't exactly 100% serious there :).

I understand that your goal is to reshape Heroes III in a Heroes II manner, and there was nothing sci-fic in Heroes II.
So until your goal is achieved, there's probably no room for "extras".

Still - I was serious about my opinion. I would gladly see The Forge in Heroes II with XEEN-like graphics. Actually it may fit the HoMM-MM world even better than the original Forge from H3, because - well - it was already there with all the autobots, anihilators, guardians, terminators and such, created in a low-resolution, cartoon style. We already know how a futuristic cyborg looked inside a medieval castle and.... well... it wasn't that special :P. Maybe exactly because of the more universal, cartoon-like graphics style there was no shocking contrast.

Anyways, good luck with your work and please keep us updated :).

Orzie PW
15 kwietnia 2014, 12:22
Well, we have stepped over the simple 'Heroes 3 with Heroes 2 graphics' definition. Currently, things are going to be more neat and consistent.

For example, we are up to satisfy the lore fully, also adding a nice amount of MM universe references. Mainly we orient on MM6 (as it's also about Enroth, Roland and Archibald), and there are already some nice concepts which can attract the fans of it.

Also, we don't forget the old school MM series too.
These images are still in development, and are posted in a 'portrait progress bar topic' on our official Russian DF2 forums.

The same for HMM1 legacy.

And should I also mention campaigns? In future we plan to become a more complicated project, with not only converted graphics and new heroes with bios, but to create the missing piece of Enrothian history, covering the events of MM6 and further.
For now, there is a worksheet of the Devil, which can be interesting for you. ;)

Hayven PW
15 kwietnia 2014, 18:05
These devils have already been here for a long time :)

Hobbicus PW
15 kwietnia 2014, 18:09
Ale Acid Dragon nie musiał ich widzieć, Hayvenie. -_-

Morglin PW
15 kwietnia 2014, 18:44

HobbitHobbitTak to jest, gdy próbuje się być ironicznym, nie znając kontekstu... Przeczytaj jeszcze raz rozmowę między Orziem a Acidem, proszę.

Acid Dragon PW
15 kwietnia 2014, 19:10
Yes, the portraits definitely remind some XEEN characters, but then again many XEEN characters did transfer almost directly into Heroes I and Heroes II ;).
So the style in their case was almost exactly the same.

As for the campaign - that's quite some news. Actually, you perhaps may not agree with me, but I believe that nowadays, 15 years after the premiere of Heroes III the only way to convince someone to install a new mod with new creatures and graphics is a new campaign. I, for one thing, would not like to replay the same old campaigns and maps (or play some more random maps) even if they had completely new graphics.

As for the devil - I can definitely call that a Kreegan :).

Orzie PW
16 kwietnia 2014, 04:30
Sure. Nowadays with the variety of mods it’s hard to convince the majority to try your one until it doesn’t have a full load of neat things. From my point of view, Hota-style is a perfect form of global modification. However, the optionality and scripts of WoG can be also used at some point, so these aspects could be combined somehow. This blend can attract many people at once, making older series of HoMM and MM more popular and also attracting people to the new school MM games (6,7,8).

We do have several major problems with that, namely the absence of a regular programmer who could spend some time and help us to transfer the mod to the standalone version, leaving Era (and probably VCMI) versions as the additional bonus for advanced users. Era is not that convenient in terms of promotion and such. I often have to explain people what to do from the very start, and it’s annoying. Also, the creation of the new campaigns is complicated because we are limited by WoG editors and capabilities.

As for the campaigns, we plan to convert classic H2 SW campaigns for the first section, named ‘The Succession Wars’ as well. After that, the second section will be called – surprise – ‘The Mandate of Heaven’, and these campaigns will be fully new, original and 100% lore-wise. I can say that the players will be able to:
- Participate in the key events of Kreegan arrival on Enroth, playing both as Kreegans (new Heretic faction) and all others (Enrothian witches, Dragonsand dervishes/gipsies, Roland’s forces);
- Dispose of the Kreegans;
- Learn some more about the key characters of Enroth (Agar, Archibald, Lord Corlagon, Osric Temper, someone else).

The third section will probably cover the next events, bringing an entirely new piece of Enrothian history.

TopFunny525 PW
21 kwietnia 2014, 08:55
Hero Portraits are awesome ^^. Especially i love converted Gem portrait and the blue skin woman, which reminds me of tristana from league of legends :P.

About the Deamons, as all said i like 4th and second version, first one is not bad, but i like more sharp teeth ^^ than normal teeth in deamons. The third one have weirder mowhawk then the others xD. But still i like them all.

So keep it up :)

Cheers! ^^

Orzie PW
21 kwietnia 2014, 20:08
It's not the converted Gem portrait, it's a new character named Lydia :)
Gem in H2 is Gem, and she will be present too. (Actually Gem has become a druid only later, she was a Sorceress back in the times).

That new druid girl concept originates from Might and Magic VI, which was earlier than H3.

The blue skin woman is a reference to MM4-5: World of Xeen. She is a Vori elf like H2 Kastore is (which has the Seymour's portrait, though). This portrait is still in development.

TopFunny525 PW
22 kwietnia 2014, 14:57
It's not the converted Gem portrait, it's a new character named Lydia :)
Gem in H2 is Gem, and she will be present too. (Actually Gem has become a druid only later, she was a Sorceress back in the times).

Whoops, my bad, sorry :). Didnt played Heroes II since i got better computer, still pretty nice portret :). But can i ask for something? U said Gem was sorceress in Heroes II, but in Heroes III she was the only hero that had seperated class, so she will be sorceress in Heroes II or u will give her seperated class like in heroes iii campaign?

The blue skin woman is a reference to MM4-5: World of Xeen. She is a Vori elf like H2 Kastore is (which has the Seymour's portrait, though). This portrait is still in development.

Right now i like the current version of the blue skin woman :), you have special name for her? and what class she will be in this expansion?


Orzie PW
22 kwietnia 2014, 18:59
There is no need to give Gem a separated class because every Enrothian sorceress is a Sorceress (captain obvious to the rescue). There is no Druid class in H2.

We are capable of giving a separated class to any hero (as well as the unique battle forms for every hero), but I guess at first only Roland/Archibald may deserve such attention. This will be discussed later.

The blue-skinned female Elf is a Witch hero, but her name is undefined for the current moment.

Orzie PW
4 maja 2014, 20:32
Mamy nowy Twitter anglojęzyczny. Dołącz do nas, aby otrzymać najnowsze aktualizacje!

Orzie PW
7 maja 2014, 20:36
A first couple of brand new external dwellings for you :)

Dark Dragon PW
7 maja 2014, 20:40
The flag seems to be a bit too big in compare to building. How does it looks on screenshots?

Orzie PW
7 maja 2014, 20:45
It's okay, it's just an illusion. Don't worry :)

That flag looks good even when placed on a simple H2 Goblin Hut.

TopFunny525 PW
7 maja 2014, 23:29
Pretty nice dwellings imo. I like them. But i feel the creatures will be a little to big on map. Mb that's another ilussion? :) Still i like them.

Orzie PW
8 maja 2014, 05:44
These creatures are shown just for demonstration, they are battle-sized.

Orzie PW
14 maja 2014, 06:14
The fans of MM6 will be delighted to know that we restore Lizardmen in Enroth.
The Witch class will have several heroes of various non-human races, which will enrich the non-human group of Maximus, Tyro, and Kastore.

For now, here comes Smok the Witch. (Yeah, I know what Smok means in Polish :D)
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temat: [ERA/dodatek] The Succession Wars

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