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Niebiańska Kuźnia  (WoG, HotA, VCMI)temat: [ERA/dodatek] The Succession Wars
komnata: Niebiańska Kuźnia (WoG, HotA, VCMI)
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Hobbicus PW
26 stycznia 2014, 22:07
4th is the best IMO. Great job!

Orzie PW
26 stycznia 2014, 22:34
Why not the 5th, actually? Red eyes are more canonic. 4th is also way to go, though.

Hobbicus PW
26 stycznia 2014, 22:55
Eyes are not really the problem for me, they can be either yellow or red or even blue. Face in the 5th one though seems to be a bit too long. 4th one looks more natural.

Orzie PW
26 stycznia 2014, 22:59
Haha, well, it's still hard to say 'natural' while looking on Kreegans and Colony Zod anyway :)

desmond PW
26 stycznia 2014, 22:59
That's how devils should look like! In fact they are aliens not demons. I agree with Hobbit that fourth version is best - but I think that eyebrows should look like in the last version, just to make look them more evil ;) and don't really like red-eyes ;)

Orzie PW
26 stycznia 2014, 23:04
The fact that they are aliens won't be stated out loud. Everyone who knows what is Might and Magic does already know the truth. For fantasy fans they will be as a variation of Devils. ;)

Same for Breeder, a Kreegan pet creature. It should be fixed a bit (because it looks too much alike with its HMM6 version), but it's also a way to go. Its dwelling will be most probably based on Colony Zod, also.

Other creatures will be most probably H3-styled or related. Too much aliens in one castle won't do. :)

Hobbicus PW
26 stycznia 2014, 23:19
Remember that the whole old Might and Magic world, including Heroes 1-4, is more of a mix of weird fiction and science fantasy, so it doesn't really have to look very typical. Maybe Breeder could be inspired by these monstrosities?

Orzie PW
26 stycznia 2014, 23:21
These creatures are called Devils. We don't know for sure. Breeder animation is fully complete and working (which is important for now). Still, animation is one of the most effort-taking things for us now.

Hobbicus PW
26 stycznia 2014, 23:27
These creatures are called Devils.
Actually the second one is a Devil. The first one is called Demon.

Orzie PW
26 stycznia 2014, 23:31
Ah, okay.

Anyways, Inferno is not in priority for now. But the emphasis on the Devil concept and the future plans for campaigns is for sure needed to be made.

Orzie PW
30 stycznia 2014, 07:50
We have already discussed the amusing similarity of Thundax the Barbarian and the common Barbarian hero look.
This Heroes II feature has become common and native for every H2 player.

We tried to imagine how the Warlock hero would look in 'high resolution', and here's what we've got!

Credits: Arys-Pole, Agar.

Orzie PW
2 lutego 2014, 15:04
The Heroes of Might and Magic III: The Succession Wars Mod Team have already mentioned some allusions on the famous New World Computing CRPG series "Might and Magic".

Today we are proud and eager to share some new hero portraits with prototypes obviously familiar to Might and Magic VI: The Mandate of Heaven players. In the next mod release you will be able to see some of the MMVI characters in various qualities.

Hails to Enroth!

Degraf PW
2 lutego 2014, 17:13
Your have amazing skills to convert graphics!

BTW - how many portraits have to do?

Orzie PW
2 lutego 2014, 17:34
Well, there are still a lot of vacant places for portraits. I guess around 2-3 for each class or so, not mentioning Witch which is barely done at the current moment.

Orzie PW
24 marca 2014, 08:23
For those who did not install The Succession Wars Mod, we have prepared a short gameplay video with the latest open beta dating back to January, 2013.

Note that this version is currently strongly outdated as the process of development have been going on all the time.

Oglądaj nowy film

Fandor PW
24 marca 2014, 21:44
Powinniście bardziej zróżnicować podłoże w miastach, gdyż nierozbudowane miasto wygląda strasznie pusto. Ogólnie projekt rozwija się pięknie, tylko czekać aż będzie można zagrać.

Orzie PW
25 marca 2014, 07:45
Like I said, the 2013 beta is strongly outdated. We are currently working on the new graphics, including the townscreens.

Orzie PW
14 kwietnia 2014, 10:05
Dla tych, którzy nie widzieli - Prima Aprilis żart :)

Acid Dragon PW
14 kwietnia 2014, 10:41
Szkoda, że żart - to byłoby super :). I faktycznie grafiki z MM3-4-5 można by wziąć jako wzór, bo wpasowałyby się w stylistykę H2. Jednostek też by nie zabrakło:

Hobbicus PW
14 kwietnia 2014, 17:04
Osobiście chętnie bym widział w stylistyce Heroes 2 zamek bardziej w stylu świątyni VARN, która wyszła na powierzchnię. Nie dość że pasowałaby fabularnie, to jeszcze wprowadziłaby jakiś powiew świeżości. :3
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temat: [ERA/dodatek] The Succession Wars

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