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Niebiańska Kuźnia  (WoG, HotA, VCMI)temat: [VCMI projekt] Ruins
komnata: Niebiańska Kuźnia (WoG, HotA, VCMI)

&fiorin PW
21 lipca, 20:13


Download 1.0a from [u]2018/08/03[/u]
[u]Working on build 8577bba from 2018/03/28[/u]
Google drive link


Download 0.98 Stable
[u]Working on VCMI 0.99 Stable[/u]
Google drive link


Concept lvl1 - Pygmy
Concept lvl2 - Stalker
Concept lvl3 - Cockatrice
Concept lvl4 - Kelpie
Concept lvl5 - Sorceress
Concept lvl6 - Peryton
Concept lvl6 - Peryton

Next Goals
[u]Creature balance[/u]: Balance attributes and abilities
[u]Heroes balance[/u]: Balance scondary and specialities

On development ?
- Rework some animations

Know Issues
- Horde buildings not have different graphics
- Needs a new puzzle
! Something more ? Tell me, please


Ruins heroes are distributed in classes: Hunter; Hermit;

Huge thanks to Nephretes, author of female hermit model

All other 3 models are temporary taken from hota lod. Gonna be replaced, dont worry!


[u]Currrent[/u] Creatures:

Lvl1: Pygmy >> Veteran Pygmy
Lvl2: Stalker >> Tracker
Lvl3: Cockatrice >> Herald Cockatrice
Lvl4: River Spirit >> Kelpie
Lvl5: Witch >> Priestess
Lvl6: Peryton >> Grand Peryton
Lvl7: Living Ruins >> Ruins Guardian



Any question? Feel free to ask :D


[u]v0.95 from 2018/05/15[/u]
> New Pygmy model added!
> Reworked creatures line to fits long goal project
-- Removed Spider
-- Switched Sorceress to level 5 creature
-- Switched Stag to level 4 creature
-- Added a temporary creature as level 2; waiting for concept
> Removed all map dwellings until 1.0 version
> Heroes:
-- Removed Eonar & Therid
-- Two new heroes added as final versions: Teutates & Bellona

0.95 to 0.96
> New Stalker model added!
> Reworked attributes on lvl1 & level2 creatures
> Heroes:
-- Starting now heroes going for a revision, just some ones are stablished already
-- A new hero added as final version: Nodens

0.96 to 0.97
> New Kelpie model added!
> New Cockatrice model added! (no animation yet)
> New Peryton model added! (no animation yet)
> Living Stones model reworked!
> New town screen
-- First version all 3d modeled
> Rework on some heroes, and new stablished
> New model to Hermit Female hero on map & Battle - Thanks to Nephretes

0.97 to 0.98
> New town screen (beta version)
> Creatures reworked
-- Cockatrice animations added!
-- Peryton animations added!
-- Portraits redone
-- All attributes and abilities reworked
-- Sorceress renamed to Witch
-- Hunter renamed to Tracker
> New heroes stablished
-- 12 already confirmed

0.98 to 0.98.1
-- Creatures attributes and abilities reworked

0.98.1 to 0.99
> Townscreen
-- Improved shadows and buildings
-- Non-upgraded & upgraded versions working
> Heroes
-- Stablished 16 heroes
> Some UI graphics reworked
> Map dwellings
-- First version released (Need some graphical rework yet)
> Adventure map Town

0.99 to 1.0a
> Creatures
- New lvl7 model added!
- Lvl7 name change
- Pygmy weapon added
- All creatures re-rendered battle & adventure
- Creatures portraits reworked
> Town
- Fixed some minor bugs on town
> Heroes
- All portraits reworked
- 2 more heroes added to stablished

Kammer PW
21 lipca, 20:46
Hello, Fiorin, glad to see you here.

I like your city, to be honest, I have been regularrl checking if something new is out.

Keep doing your job, IMO it's truly worthy waiting.

And, also, don't hesitate to write in English - this shouldn't be a problem for us, for sure. ;)

Hobbit PW
21 lipca, 21:11
All of the graphics, apart from the Hermitess, would need some work. Though they look professionally made, they don't fit the Heroes 3 style. I am sure 3D models could be rendered with proper colors, lightning and sharpness, but the heroes' portraits would need a complete rework, maybe even from scratch.

Also, since I am not able to download the mod right now... Do you have any kind of musician on your board? Original music seems to be fitting the amount of work you have done...

Kurek PW
22 lipca, 02:05
Looks nice, keep up the good work.

&fiorin PW
27 lipca, 23:28

I understand your concerns about the graphical details. Im gonna redo all the portraits on future. About Creatures, after 1.0 release, planning rework all animations and render lights to make a better impression.

I have not a musician, but i like very much the soundtrack choosen. If you have a chance, take a minute to hear.


Thanks guys for the feedback. Im working a lot on the improvements.

&fiorin PW
8 sierpnia, 16:07
After 1.0 alpha release, theres some graphical improves for next update:

James_Dean PW
9 sierpnia, 09:34
Keep doin' it, looks great! any support for ERA II?

Dren PW
9 sierpnia, 14:53
Woah, it looks great, but this town screen looks like it's made from plasticine? I mean it presents amazing, however it isn't Heroes III Style.

Eggyslav PW
9 sierpnia, 19:03
Nice job mate, but I have a question, what is the general theme of the town? I see some Celtic influences in the town screen, but what about the units? I mean, that's not a bad thing, Tower lineup also is a potpourri of many different mythological creatures, but Heroes factions generally are more or less based on one theme or Idea. And your idea is?
temat: [VCMI projekt] Ruins

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