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Komnata Cieni (Heroes VII)temat: Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer
komnata: Komnata Cieni (Heroes VII)
strona: 1 - 2

lordgraa PW
21 marca, 22:58
Yeah, but sadly no more Sanctuary creatures from H6 :( All we can get is just Kappa + those Medusae.

Would be nice to have at least Kirin and Shark Warrior back!

BTW another (fifth) combat map is ready (still in work) for showcase, Chapel of the Sun:

lordgraa PW
28 kwietnia, 21:13
Last (6th) combat map:

Now I will try (again) to create new siege map for Xel town but it is harder then I thought :/

Asderuki PW
29 kwietnia, 21:03
What kind of problem do you have with it?

lordgraa PW
29 kwietnia, 21:19
The gate is the problem. Once a friendly unit passes through other units cant go out of the gate as its now as an obstacle (wall for example) and even if the gate is open no unit can go out...
strona: 1 - 2
temat: Wryn Pendragon: Umbramancer

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